As a homeowner, you need to find the best patio design for your upcoming house. At NS Landscaping, we specialise in both designing and constructing all types of outdoor living or entertaining areas depending on your specifications. We are certified designers and landscapers with more than a decade of experience in providing quality work in Sydney and surrounding areas.

When it comes to patio designs, we try as much as we can to keep our standards high in our services. We believe that a patio is a great place you and your family can possibly enjoy the great outdoors while saving you a lot of money and time on landscaping. If you are in Australia, the following trending patio designs are of great interest especially if you are a new homeowner.

Contemporary backyard patio designs

A contemporary patio, just like any other type of patio, allows you to spend quality time outside your house with a lot of comfort from your home. It can be placed in front of your house, around the house, on one side or at the backyard. It all depends on the availability of space and your budget.

Luxury garden furniture

Contemporary patios come in different designs for you to choose from. It is not surprising to come across a patio design with porcelain and breeze blocks featuring a wall outside. Also, some homeowners prefer the beach-style backyard patio which comprises of the tweed without the cover.

Another design that is currently trending in Australia is the midsize contemporary patio which comes with an outdoor kitchen as well as a natural stone paver. But most of the contemporary patio designs in this regard have at least a roof extension as a common factor.

Exterior covered patio with fireplace and furniture.

What matters the most is your choice of a perfect patio design in relation to your budget and location as well. Whichever the case, we are always ready to undertake your project and help you realize your dream.

Tropical patio designs in Australia

Tropical patio designs are also common in Australia and they provide you with a great opportunity to enjoy your outdoors and all the things that come with it. Tropical patios will offer you a breathtaking view depending on where you choose to have them around your house. This means that the location you choose plays a crucial role in giving you everything you may need while taking your free time outside.

However, you can settle for a small backyard patio designed from concrete. Perhaps you could go for a loveseat and pergola, complete with a shady resting located right behind your garage. Tropical patio designs are diverse to suit different types of homes and locations. Whatever your choice is, we can help you achieve your goal in a more budget-friendly way and shortest time possible.

Chairs By Fireplace In Patio

Consider the inclusion of perennial plants around your patio to bring it to life and adding character to it with wonderful colours. Perennial plants generally live longer than 2 years and are low in maintenance.

The need for a patio is one step ahead into seeking the best way you can enjoy your free time within your home. You can choose either contemporary patio design or tropical patio design. At NS Landscaping, we’ll take care of everything involved in designing, planning and constructing an outdoor patio to provide you with your dream patio.

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