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A day can be full of stress in financial worries or pressure in work tasks. But with a garden of tranquillity at home where you can release your frustrations and body tensions, you can attain peace, comfort and state of mind renewal. If you have ever thought of having a peaceful haven in your yard, then the concept of a garden of tranquillity would interest you. 

Garden of tranquillity or serenity garden is a plot of land separated from the rest of the landscaping. This particular spot can be small, like in one bench under a tree or near a fountain etc. The garden intends to provide a place for reflection, peaceful reading, prayer or contemplation.

For some homeowners, they aren’t too interested in making their backyard glamorous and interactive. They think that it would be unnecessary to add other aesthetic features in their gardens, but little did they know that their backyard can be an ideal place to unwind, work with very little noise, or even read a book without interruption. 

Fortunately, elevating your backyard into one that represents a peaceful oasis doesn’t take a lot of investment and can be achieved with some know-how. Here are some of the ideas on how to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful garden of tranquillity.

Establish Your Tranquility Space

To find tranquillity, there’s no need to travel too far or go to secluded places in the mountains if it’s right outside your door. If you have walls in the backyard that are windowless, that’s a good place and starting point for transforming a space into a garden of tranquillity.

Finding a secluded spot in your outdoor space can be challenging if you have a boxy area. Hence, you can consider adding an arbour, arch, or door to establish your privacy. Flowers can also be used as a barrier that breaks the rest of your backyard into an area reserved for tranquillity. After your nook has been set out, you can start planning it more thoroughly.

Shade Your Area

If your tranquillity space is under a tree, that would be convenient on your part. But if your serenity garden is not soothing at all if you are sweating under the hot sun, you can add shades through vines trained to grow over a pergola. At the very least, an umbrella for an outdoor patio can protect you from UV rays as you embrace the energy of nature.

Choose Relaxing Colours and Enhance Existing Flora

Upon choosing the right plants for your garden of tranquillity, you have to choose the appropriate plants that have a soothing effect. Colours like soft neutral greens, lavender, and other pastel flowers can have a calming effect. This is the idea of a colour scheme in gardens meeting the science behind it.

Some of the suitable plants in your garden include lavender plants, catnip herbal plants with their grey and purple flowers, or several of the vivid green flowering plants. You can also use perennial bulbs which bloom every season. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to grow a garden from scratch, you can use plants on a pot. You can also invest in a “living” fence like shrubs or planted trees instead of using an actual fence such as conventional walls made of wood or metal. 

Be a Minimalist

One tip in designing your tranquillity space, do not overwhelm your garden with the unnecessary plants or fixtures. You can stick to natural elements and just improve the environment overtime to keep the calming effect.

Developing your garden of tranquillity is an ever-evolving process. It means that you have to take every detail you put in your garden like a journey towards peace. However, if you don’t have any idea about being minimalist, you can take Japanese Gardens for an example. Most of their gardens have only minimal fixtures.

Moreover, your minimalist style can start at leaving the centre of your garden open. You can start filling plants that create a thick cover on the ground that adds softness without competing for focus in the area around the perimeter. 

As colourful flowers bloom, they will fight for your attention, too. You can also have more colourful flowers in your garden, but you have to place them in the right position where you think it balances the harmony of your plants. 

Glamour Your Backyard with Accessories and Fixtures

Tranquillity is all about comfort that needs to be expressed in the accessories on your yard. You can put comfortable chairs and a table that lasts for several years rather than the uncomfortable foldable chairs that depend on the land’s plot.

If furniture is not enough, you can still put things that will make you feel relaxed such as tiny picture frames on the table, motivational quotes hanging on a tree or wall, and maybe a welcome mat to mark your backyard’s barrier.

Furthermore, a decorative wall lamp can also be one of the fixtures that will add a little charm and will set your garden’s mood at night. Additionally, you can invest in a lantern or tin cans filled with candles. Both lights will add a delicate, calming atmosphere to your backyard.

Calm Your Senses with Waters

Water sounds have a calming effect on the mind. If you want to install water features like fountains or ponds, you’ll have to consider first sizing the available space of your backyard for water elements. If you have a fairly spacious backyard, you can create a calming pond which can house some Koi fish. It will not only be relaxing, but the feeding of your fish will require you to enjoy the outdoors even more.


The world is a stressful place that makes everyone deserve a quick escape. No need to travel far to be relaxed, but all it takes is to rejuvenate your energy in your tranquility garden. Through transforming your outdoor space into a tranquillity garden, you can allot time for yourself to heal, reflect and breathe in the relaxing aroma of nature. To achieve a serenity garden, all you need is an area in your outdoors and some critical pieces of designing. Once you organised that all in its perfect places, you are set to have a stressless day in your own quiet sanctuary.

At NS Landscapes, your dream tranquillity space will come true. No matter how big or small your outdoor space, our team has unique ways of transforming your empty space into a magical garden where you can unwind and be relaxed for a moment. 

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