A swimming pool in any household is a primary component of its exterior beauty. It is the home’s “hot spot” where you can conveniently have memorable family fun-times and night dips. It is the place to keep memories, do exercise and achieve tranquillity at home without spending any dime.

However, in most cases, the home ground is so confined. This makes pool placement a thoughtful process that requires high-end planning. Though backyard is the most preferred scene for home pool placement, there are a lot more to think about.

swimming pool

1) Size

A backyard is an extension of the indoor living space. It is prone to high traffic. It is where the kids play. It is where the rest of the family members bask for their fair share of natural vitamin D. It is where the visitor’s kids will step their feet first without you knowing. The question is, how secure is your backyard? And, is the space large enough for pool fencing that meets the requirements by the local council?

2) Cost

Several factors define the net cost of the pool installation. It is very true that you are not after a simple and substandard DIY pool. You must engage with an experienced installer for a home pool that stands out. Having the pool as close as possible to the house will compel you to adopt classy designs with materials that compliment the house’s exterior, paths and walkways. Geometric designs work well with this, however, you must be ready to drain the pockets. Otherwise, the closer the pool is to the house, the more convenient and easier it is to watch out.

With a large-spaced backyard, there is a lot of flexibility when designing the pool. You can easily adopt the freeform designs and cut the cash corners. You can even have the extra changing room. Also, a large pool comes with a wide deck. This makes the pool the focal point of the exterior home environment. It will be an oasis of its own that can accommodate many people during a get-together party or any other joint swimming. However, large spaces are often found far away from home. By setting the pool a bit further, it can become its own destination zone out of the reach of your family members.

3) Landscape

The slope matters a lot when designing the backyard pool. It determines the drainage of the pool and the time taken for the deck to dry off. You don’t want the natural water to enter the pool since it can flood and mud the pool. Where the backyard is a slope, you will incur additional expenditure to build the retaining walls and terraces.
Naturalistic landscape works well where there is a need to build a bold, and simple pool that blends with four seasons of texture and interests. You can use it where the house is a small modern home, bungalow, and cottage.

Formal landscapes bring all the aspects of nature in the pool design. It is easy to plan. It works well with pools nearing estates and large formal homes.
The classical landscape is best in displaying the Roman elements and Greek culture in the pool design. It offers excellent performance in a rectangular pool then the naturalistic landscapes.

4) Lighting

No one hates natural light from the sun. It is what will warm you up and heat the pool waters naturally. Generally, swimming in the absence of the sun isn’t worth it. The question is, what is your backyard’s orientation to the sunlight? Are there trees that will block the sun rays from reaching your pool? Or, are there any artificial stumbling blocks? If yes, then you should consider locating the pool elsewhere.

As a homeowner, you have all reasons to install a pool in your backyard. With adequate space, ideal landscape, and the dime to cover up installation and maintenance costs, you don’t need to wait anymore. Talk to us at NS Landscapes for any query regarding landscaping, garden makeovers and more. Call us for reliable pool design and repair services at your doorstep and enjoy the best and most competitive prices ever in and around North Shore.