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When is the Best Time to Do Tree Lopping in NSW

Rear view of arborist men with chainsaw cutting a tree

Trees are undeniably valuable not only to the people but as well as to our environment. They’re beneficial to us since it cleanses the air we breathe, provides shelter for wildlife animals, produces goods that are helpful to our everyday activities, etc. But what we often ignore is that the trees have special needs also that enable them to function well.

There are several ways or methods to maintain a tree such as pruning or tree lopping. Although these tree maintenance methods are associated with trimming, there’s a slight difference between them when it comes to its procedure and purpose. But, whatever type of method you choose, these techniques will ensure a long and healthy life to your tree.

Best Time for Tree Lopping in NSW?

There are differing opinions about the proper time for tree tipping because there are other factors that must be considered before tree lopping. First, you must consider the type, size, health of the tree and what works best for a successful tree lopping. Normally, tree lopping starts between fall when the leaves begin to change and spring once the flower blooms. 

Between fall and spring, trees are in the dormant stage which halts their growth. The inactivity stage, drop in temperature and hard ground during winter allows access to the tree. Also, the bare canopy makes it easier to handle the branches of the tree. To ensure a proper tree lopping and avoid compromising the tree, leave it to the expert tree lopper in NSW. Learn why do you need to get your trees properly maintained and the benefits of tree lopping.

What is Tree Lopping?

Tree lopping is also known as tipping, heading, rounding over and hat-racking. Tree lopping is a method used to reduce the size of the tree or modify its shape to train its growth in a certain direction. These modifications can be achieved by cutting off the lateral branches of the tree or removing the top of the tree’s foliage.

Commonly, the purpose of tree lopping is to encourage new growth and longevity by removing the damaged sections of the tree. Sometimes it involves total removal of the top leaving only a large stub or small branches. Some people avoid tree lopping concerning to the tree’s health which will result in its demise. But, tree lopping serves a better purpose other than enhancing the tree’s physical appearance and these include the following:


A tree that’s on the verge of dying will benefit from tree lopping experts in NSW. Once the tree is weak, it can break easily compromising the safety of your family or damages to your property. Tree lopping can prevent these unnecessary accidents from happening. This is also in preparation for the coming storms and windy season.

Improving the physical appearance of the tree

Tree lopping will enhance the overall appearance or the structure of the tree. This can be achieved only by an expert tree lopper in NSW. You can either reduce the size, remove the branches or stop it from crossing over to the other tree which will result in competing for space.

Save the tree

Unfortunately, there are certain cases that trees require tree lopping when it’s struck by a lightning. Tree lopping can salvage the tree from a serious situation and might even let it live longer.

Clearing run away branches off the street

Trees that are located along the streets can sometimes affect pedestrian or traffic flow. There are runaway branches that obstruct the walkway that can interfere with people from either walking or biking.

Beneficial to smaller trees

Tree lopping is beneficial to smaller and growing trees. Removing the branches from a mature tree allows light to go directly to the trees below them. It will also promote air circulation which is essential for growing trees to be resilient so they will be able to handle strong winds.

Keeping trees away from power lines

Trees that come in contact with power lines is a serious threat. Leave the risky job to a reliable tree lopper in NSW to secure the safety and proper removal of the branches obstructing the power lines. A skilled tree lopper knows the safety protocols and proper distance when it comes to clearing trees away from poles and power lines.

Trusted Local Tree Lopper in NSW

To ensure a desirable structure or modification of your tree, leave the tree maintenance to a trusted and expert tree lopper in NSW. Tree lopping must be carried carefully by a skilled and reliable arborist who understands the importance of this procedure. 

Don’t compromise the health of your trees and the safety of your family, entrust the tree lopping service to a trusted tree lopper in NSW. NS Landscaping has been in the tree lopping and landscaping service industry providing proper care for your trees, lawn care and garden maintenance.

NS Landscaping guarantees you topnotch and quality workmanship from our team of a skilled arborist in Sydney. Call us today at 0412 614 133 and have your trees maintained properly by NS Landscaping in NSW.

When is the Best Time to Do Landscaping


Imagine waking up to a lush green grass with vibrant colours of flowers and the sweet fragrance of shrubs in the morning — it’s delightful! A well-manicured lawn will not only add value to your property’s curb appeal but it is also beneficial to the people and the environment. 

Whether you’re landscaping or gardening, the activity involved in it will help reduce the stress levels while improving the overall physical fitness of an individual. Additionally, a landscape’s contribution to our environment is immensely exceptional including:

  • Natural coolants
  • Environmental cleaners
  • Cleanse the air
  • Natural water filter
  • Reduces noise pollution

The benefits you will gain out of your simple landscaping project is a huge contribution to the entire community. Besides the lush and well-manicured lawn that elevates the entire appeal of your property, it will significantly improve your health while promoting a healthy living environment.

Best Season to Start Landscaping

As the dry and hot days of summer start to fade into pleasant and cooler days, that is the best time to establish your landscape. Most regions across Australia has a harsh summer season that tends to dry out the soil and eventually compromises your entire garden. Instead of keeping your hands full for the landscaping project, you will end up rehabilitating your garden. Consequently, reduces the window of opportunity for your landscape ornaments to establish.

So, if you’re planning on planting in your garden or want to get started with your landscaping project, it’s best to set them up during Sydney’s autumn season. Know when to plan your perfect landscape project and other indoor or outdoor activities with the following Sydney weather information.

  • Summer. December to February
  • Autumn. March to May
  • Winter. June to August
  • Spring. September to November

Why Autumn is the Best Time to Landscape?

There are several reasons and benefits as to why it’s best to establish your lawn for landscaping or gardening on the cooler months of the autumn season. Besides the cool weather which is conducive to outdoor activities, the moisture that autumn brings makes the soil easier to work with. The following is a list of additional benefits you will gain upon installing your coveted landscape during the autumn season.

  • Watering. One of the main reasons to start landscaping in the autumn is that it requires you less watering plants in your lawn. Sometimes, it will no longer necessitate you to follow up watering your landscape ornaments after the rain. 
  • Plants and Other Ornaments. Installing your desirable landscape during the autumn season will allow your plants to establish their roots. Eventually, this will help them withstand the upcoming cold season and endure the summer.
  • Weeds, hot and dry season. Now that your plants have settled, thrived and matured in size, they’re resilient in facing the hot and dry summer season. Also, they’re not easily intimidated by the abundance of weeds. Weeds thrive and grow faster during the warmer season.

Generally, installing your coveted landscape during the cool season makes the landscape makeover manageable rather than the summer months. During the cool season, the ground is moist which makes it easier to dig or manage. Also, it will be easier to move your plants from one place to where it’s desirable for you without damaging even them.

Trusted Local Landscaper in Sydney

The autumn’s cool and pleasant weather will allow time for the new life you have injected in your landscaping project to establish. Allowing the ornaments to establish will make the entire landscaping project successful. Also, once they have established their roots and grew maturely, they can endure the upcoming cold season and the summer’s heat later on.

If you’re planning to install a garden or do a landscape makeover; sprucing up your lawn is our passion. NS Landscaping has been in the landscaping services industry providing gardening maintenance, tree lopping, turf laying and other gardening services all across Sydney. We have a team of skilled landscapers that will give your heart’s most coveted landscape. Leave the garden makeover to the experts in Sydney. Call NS Landscaping today at 0412 614 133! 

How to Transform Your Outdoor Space Into a Garden of Tranquility

Garden Backyard Pond

A day can be full of stress in financial worries or pressure in work tasks. But with a garden of tranquillity at home where you can release your frustrations and body tensions, you can attain peace, comfort and state of mind renewal. If you have ever thought of having a peaceful haven in your yard, then the concept of a garden of tranquillity would interest you. 

Garden of tranquillity or serenity garden is a plot of land separated from the rest of the landscaping. This particular spot can be small, like in one bench under a tree or near a fountain etc. The garden intends to provide a place for reflection, peaceful reading, prayer or contemplation.

For some homeowners, they aren’t too interested in making their backyard glamorous and interactive. They think that it would be unnecessary to add other aesthetic features in their gardens, but little did they know that their backyard can be an ideal place to unwind, work with very little noise, or even read a book without interruption. 

Fortunately, elevating your backyard into one that represents a peaceful oasis doesn’t take a lot of investment and can be achieved with some know-how. Here are some of the ideas on how to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful garden of tranquillity.

Establish Your Tranquility Space

To find tranquillity, there’s no need to travel too far or go to secluded places in the mountains if it’s right outside your door. If you have walls in the backyard that are windowless, that’s a good place and starting point for transforming a space into a garden of tranquillity.

Finding a secluded spot in your outdoor space can be challenging if you have a boxy area. Hence, you can consider adding an arbour, arch, or door to establish your privacy. Flowers can also be used as a barrier that breaks the rest of your backyard into an area reserved for tranquillity. After your nook has been set out, you can start planning it more thoroughly.

Shade Your Area

If your tranquillity space is under a tree, that would be convenient on your part. But if your serenity garden is not soothing at all if you are sweating under the hot sun, you can add shades through vines trained to grow over a pergola. At the very least, an umbrella for an outdoor patio can protect you from UV rays as you embrace the energy of nature.

Choose Relaxing Colours and Enhance Existing Flora

Upon choosing the right plants for your garden of tranquillity, you have to choose the appropriate plants that have a soothing effect. Colours like soft neutral greens, lavender, and other pastel flowers can have a calming effect. This is the idea of a colour scheme in gardens meeting the science behind it.

Some of the suitable plants in your garden include lavender plants, catnip herbal plants with their grey and purple flowers, or several of the vivid green flowering plants. You can also use perennial bulbs which bloom every season. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to grow a garden from scratch, you can use plants on a pot. You can also invest in a “living” fence like shrubs or planted trees instead of using an actual fence such as conventional walls made of wood or metal. 

Be a Minimalist

One tip in designing your tranquillity space, do not overwhelm your garden with the unnecessary plants or fixtures. You can stick to natural elements and just improve the environment overtime to keep the calming effect.

Developing your garden of tranquillity is an ever-evolving process. It means that you have to take every detail you put in your garden like a journey towards peace. However, if you don’t have any idea about being minimalist, you can take Japanese Gardens for an example. Most of their gardens have only minimal fixtures.

Moreover, your minimalist style can start at leaving the centre of your garden open. You can start filling plants that create a thick cover on the ground that adds softness without competing for focus in the area around the perimeter. 

As colourful flowers bloom, they will fight for your attention, too. You can also have more colourful flowers in your garden, but you have to place them in the right position where you think it balances the harmony of your plants. 

Glamour Your Backyard with Accessories and Fixtures

Tranquillity is all about comfort that needs to be expressed in the accessories on your yard. You can put comfortable chairs and a table that lasts for several years rather than the uncomfortable foldable chairs that depend on the land’s plot.

If furniture is not enough, you can still put things that will make you feel relaxed such as tiny picture frames on the table, motivational quotes hanging on a tree or wall, and maybe a welcome mat to mark your backyard’s barrier.

Furthermore, a decorative wall lamp can also be one of the fixtures that will add a little charm and will set your garden’s mood at night. Additionally, you can invest in a lantern or tin cans filled with candles. Both lights will add a delicate, calming atmosphere to your backyard.

Calm Your Senses with Waters

Water sounds have a calming effect on the mind. If you want to install water features like fountains or ponds, you’ll have to consider first sizing the available space of your backyard for water elements. If you have a fairly spacious backyard, you can create a calming pond which can house some Koi fish. It will not only be relaxing, but the feeding of your fish will require you to enjoy the outdoors even more.


The world is a stressful place that makes everyone deserve a quick escape. No need to travel far to be relaxed, but all it takes is to rejuvenate your energy in your tranquility garden. Through transforming your outdoor space into a tranquillity garden, you can allot time for yourself to heal, reflect and breathe in the relaxing aroma of nature. To achieve a serenity garden, all you need is an area in your outdoors and some critical pieces of designing. Once you organised that all in its perfect places, you are set to have a stressless day in your own quiet sanctuary.

At NS Landscapes, your dream tranquillity space will come true. No matter how big or small your outdoor space, our team has unique ways of transforming your empty space into a magical garden where you can unwind and be relaxed for a moment. 

With three decades in the service of giving satisfactory smiles to our loyal customers by rendering high-quality service, rest assured that your gardens will come out just how you want it to be. For more information about garden services, call us at 0412 614 133 or send us your enquiries here.

How Hiring Professional Garden Maintenance Experts Makes a Difference

gardener shaping plan. garden maintenance

Gardening activities and lawn mowing needs become a burden when you don’t have the time to do so. Taking care of your lawn and gardens require more than just your green thumb, or getting kids on streets to do the grass cutting and weeding every weekend. Instead, hiring garden maintenance services can make all the difference in taming and maintaining your lawn.

Professional garden services come in different homeowner’s assistance to their gardens. From lawn care to garden clearing and garden cleaning, as well as general garden maintenance, you can leave it all to your garden specialist.

Moreover, with a skilled garden maintenance service, you can have an ever-changing and relaxing garden experience that you can appreciate every day. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a professional can make a difference in your garden.

Saving Your Time and Effort 

When you have a tight schedule because of work and family responsibilities, finding time to care for your garden is very challenging. In gardening, you’ll have to devote time to the different activities throughout the year such as mowing the lawn, planting and pruning or weeding. However, if you hire a professional gardener, you can feel relief from the worries and burden on how to maintain and find time for your garden. 

With professional garden services working out your garden’s maintenance with the utmost care, you can expect a good result. Since they love challenges, find immediate garden solutions and can work under pressure, your garden will be finished on-time with a quality service. You can assure that the health of your garden is in good hands and you will no longer worry of replacing plants annually because they didn’t survive. 

Garden Elements Mastery 

Professional gardeners hold in-depth expertise and experience on almost all gardening aspects. They are experts in finding the right plants perfect for your garden, while also taking into account the landscaping and natural elements that will affect the plant’s growth. 

Not just that, they are also experts with the kind of soil to use, how much sunlight the plants need and where to place specific plants in your garden. Garden tasks are very crucial and sophisticated but by having garden professionals as your assistant in gardening, maintaining the health of your plants is achievable.

Long-lasting Rendered Service and Advance Planning

You need to have a long-term vision when doing any work in the yard. Plants in the garden mature and grow, so it’s necessary to plan ahead of time how your garden would look over the coming years. 

Given that there are so many different elements to consider, careful planning is necessary. Every phase needs to be carefully planned in detail. That is why garden services are essential to manage expertly and supervise every single aspect of your garden. 

Adding the Right Aesthetic Elements in Your Garden

A smart-looking garden with healthy plants, pruned trees, mowed lawns and neatly trimmed shrubs improves your home’s beauty and conveys the right mood. With a skilled gardener sharing their expertise and ideas, they can make the best adjustment and enhancement in your outdoor space. Your landscapes will also make your home appear even more beautiful and appealing with the right maintenance of existing plants and the layout of your garden.

Keeping Up with the Season

Only in summer months, the weather commonly encourages the whole family to stay outside and enjoy the outdoor activities. Most of the time, your family dedicate their time staying in the garden relaxing, enjoying the view of different plants, socialising with your loved ones, savouring the fresh ventilation from nature, and most especially tracing the beautiful landscapes of your home. 

In every season, your plants’ form changes and the maintenance needed varies on the weather. Hence, professional gardeners taking care of your garden during each season is a must. Hiring them will keep up with the repairs, weeds, fallen leaves, and maintenance of your plants in the garden all year round.


Understandably, everyone is too busy working or catching up on all week-long job errands making you have a very little time to do the things you enjoy and mostly no time for gardening. But through entrusting your gardens in a professional garden service, not only you will no longer stress out yourself of the overgrown plants, but you will also be satisfied with the output of magical touch to your gardens.

At NS Landscapes, we’ve got just the right professional gardeners for your gardens and landscapes. With three decades in the service of giving satisfactory smiles to our loyal customers by rendering high-quality service, rest assured that they will make a difference to your unorganised and deserted gardens. For more information about garden services, call us at 0412 614 133 or send us your enquiries here

Property Detailing: Bring Out the Beauty of Your Home

modern home interior

Your relaxing time experience doesn’t just end in the garden. You can also find comfort and peace inside your home. Through property detailing, you can bring the hidden beauty of your home that you’re longing to see for years. 

One thing that you should never lose sight of is your own comfort and enjoyment inside your abode. Bear in mind that you should not only have your home a property detailing to affect your property’s sale price, but you also do it for your own state of mind and the comfort it may give to your family. 

Keeping your property clean and well-managed not only improves your home’s beauty, but it also helps you save money through extending its lifetime. Here are some of the ideas involved in bringing out the hidden beauty of your home through property detailing.

Cleaning and Decluttering

In doing a property detailing, you need first to spaced out the room you chose to beautify. This step sounds so exhausting, but the output will all be worth it. With rubber gloves and a bin bag, eliminate and clean the unwanted things or some rubbish. 

Poke into hideous holes you’d forgotten about and other areas to ensure that there will be no rubbish around when you get started another process. Additionally, when wiping out things, bag all the old things and box all items that have sentimental value. Use’ time since last used’ as your rule of thumb, if it’s been three years since you last used it, chances are it’s’ rubbish.

View Each Room Like a Blank Slate

Note that you can highlight the pre-existing features in your home for house decorating ideas. Architectural features such as crown moulding, wooden columns, hardwood floors, built-in bookshelves and backsplashes made of mosaic-tile are all worthy of attention. 

Not only are you making the specifics look expensive, but they are really expensive. Keep the interior features as prominent as possible — keep them tidy, free of clutter and the room’s focal point. Don’t splurge on a pricey painting, for example, just to make it compete with a show-stopping fireplace.

Colour Your Walls

Paints don’t last forever. Paint is well known to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to upgrade or change your room’s look. It is an effective tool to freshen up the ambience of a room or anything that you want to colour. A fresh coat paint of neutral colours can have a huge impact on the beautifying process of your home since neutrals aren’t distracting to the eyes.

Complement Your Home’s Beauty with Flowers

Flowers are the natural and beautiful gift that makes people smile. While they brighten up your mood, you can also use flowers for complementing the interior design of your home.

The great thing about flowers is they come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Choosing flowers to match different personalities is also really easy, depending on the type of preference and styles you’re trying to achieve.

Studies of the flowers’ benefits have shown that their presence reduces stress, enriches memory and improves social interaction. Placing Calla lilies in your home symbolises beauty while lovely white carnations mean love and magnificence orchards purity.

Engulf Your Kitchen with Coziness 

The kitchen is the perfect place for a pleasant talk over an appetising meal with your family. With a delectable meal served on a wooden family table inside the pastel-coloured walls of the kitchen, your family will surely have a satisfying meal. 

In addition, if you are tired of seeing the same arrangements for years, you can rearrange your kitchen to enhance its spaciousness and beauty. In that way, you can get rid of tight space and make it an ideal place for a comfortable meal.

You can also try making your kitchen alive with the fresh aroma of coffee in the morning. With a pot of coffee placed in your kitchen using freshly ground beans, the sleepy energy of your family can be alive in the smell of the brewing coffee that envelopes the whole dining area. You can also use a stick of cinnamon incense to make your kitchen smell like warm cookies and childhood.

Maximise Natural Lighting to Highlight Your Interior Design

Heavy curtains and net curtains are suitable for privacy, but they can also make a room darker. Giving your home more access to light will let you and other people see the complexity and sophisticated details of what’s inside your home. 

With natural light showing off every corner of your house, it makes your home feel bigger and more accessible. You can also get smart blinds that let plenty of light enter. If you’re worried about your privacy, you can just easily close the blinds.


They say your personality can be seen in every little colour, little texture and almost every detail in your home. With property detailing, people can have a glimpse of how your styling goes. It is also an excellent way to showcase the hidden beauty of your home. Not only will it make you feel comfortable and peaceful, but you will also take pride as to how every single corner in your house shouts for confidence.

At NS Landscapes, we help people bring out the beauty of their homes with our landscaping services. With the dedication of the team, your house will look very pleasing in the eyes. With three decades in the service of giving satisfactory smiles to our loyal customers, rest assured that your property will come out just how you want it to be. For more enquiries please call us at 0412 614 133 or send us your enquiries here

5 Excellent Ideas for Hedge Trimming

Close up of gargener trimming bushes

A lovely picturesque view of the yard with well-trimmed hedges produce an ambience of calm and solitude. With a high-hedge trim maintenance property, passersby won’t let their eyes off your yard for seconds. But, as your hedges start to grow and lose its form, the uplifting beauty of your area will be gone as well.

The plants surrounding your home adds an aesthetic effect. But with the overgrown hedges that give a shaggy look to your yard, it makes your property less appealing. To enhance the beauty and maintain the element of privacy in your area, you can at least trim and prune those thick hedges once or twice a year.

Also, hedge trimming isn’t always about appearance. Health and safety is also an essential aspect. For example, if the hedge is unmanageable, the surrounding area can become a bit of a hazard. If it’s not trimmed down, there’s a possibility that some parts could fall off, and could cause damage to whatever it falls on. 

To maintain the benefits that hedges are giving, you have to take time, effort and allot a budget for its maintenance. If you’re new or just want to reshape your hedges, here are the 5 excellent hedge trimming ideas that you may apply in your property.

  1. Trimming Divider Hedges for Privacy

One of the most widely used ways when hedges get incorporated to landscapes is natural boundaries or divider hedges. Sharp, clean trimmings with a uniform appearance are a classic style that emerged centuries ago in English estates that is still common to this day. 

If you are living in an urban setting or in the countryside, you can easily build natural, well-manicured boundaries around your property to promote privacy and prevent intruders, animals and other pests from coming in. Shrubs that fit well to this idea include boxwood, privet and juniper.

  1. Mysterious Arch Trim

Mysterious, private gardens are not only for English castles and fairy tales. You can create your own hidden garden with evergreens and shrubs to create eye-catching archways and towering walls to guide you through. Passing through a mysterious arch from one area to the next produces a feeling of suspense. 

You may also let your thoughts wander beyond the archway and green walls. You attach fast-growing plants to your metal arch in building your archways. After some time, you can trim it down to an arch entry point. For this purpose, good options for plants include cedar, privet, yew, and magnolia blue atlas.

  1. Small Hedges Trim

Small hedges are typically planted within the garden as decorative elements, rather than boundary hedges. They can be used to line up pathways, often with fragrant plants like Lavender or Sweet Box where the scent can be enjoyed when you walk by them. Many aromatic plants release their fragrance as your knees brush through them. 

Small hedges typically edge flower beds in gardens or to your landscapes. Its small size allows other plants to grow around them comfortably, not blocking the view. It also allows you to easily access your flower beds since it’s small enough to step over.

  1. Round-moulded Hedges

If the classical style of the cubed hedges is too stiff to your liking, round-moulded hedges can give you a neat and clean but softer aesthetic. You can combine these to other shrubs that grow in different heights. You can also arrange round hedges together with taller or shorter ground cover plants to create a dynamic look in the garden or yard.

  1. Whimsical Topiary Shapes

If you want to apply a creative touch to your hedges and shrubs, you can try trimming topiary forms. The art of hedge trimming can be practised. With hard work and determination, you can create beautiful, unique and intricate forms and designs. 

In addition, if you are aiming for a head-turner garden or yard, you can design almost anything with the right kind of shrub and tools to add some fun elements to your exterior. Although it’s pretty difficult to make, the output will pay off as long as you have patience.


Hedge trimming is one way of ensuring that your shrubs or hedges are kept at a healthy pace and in good shape. By providing hedge trimming maintenance, it will keep your area looking fresh and safe. It will also decrease the possibility of any long-term harm.

At NS Landscapes we offer garden maintenance services including hedge trimming for your landscapes and gardens, many clients hire us on a regular basis to take care of the routine garden maintenance. We’ve been around for more than three decades of giving satisfactory smiles to our loyal customers. For more information about our garden services, don’t hesitate to call us at 0412 614 133 or send us your enquiries here.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Turf Laying

Installing New Fresh Grass

Having an outdoor space that promotes and encourages a healthy lifestyle by way of connecting to nature is a privilege. However, not every homeowner can have this kind of privilege and level of comfort in their own house under some circumstances. And even if some had adequate space, some homeowners can’t afford or can’t keep up with the lifestyle.

Moreover, keeping with this kind of lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, there’s plenty of helpful advice you can access over the internet anytime. In case you want to spearhead a turf laying project, there are certain things you have to avoid. This will keep you from risking and putting your resources to waste. If you want to revamp your lawn, read on to know the common mistakes and figure out what’s best for your lawn.

Common Mistakes with DIY Turf Laying

They say mistakes are the best teacher. In order to avoid making the same mistake the second time around. Learn what are the common mistakes in turf laying and keep the following tips in mind on how to avoid them.

Laying turf on an uneven surface

TIP: Always make sure to have adequate information on how to lay the turf. First, assess the area where you want to place or install your new turf. In case there are uneven areas such as cracks from concrete, tree roots or other debris in the surface; even them out for a flawless working area later on.

If you fail to even the area prior to laying your turf, these imperfections will stand-out putting your efforts to waste.

No proper drainage

TIP: Keep your base deep and fill it with cut stone. You can also place a gentle slope to allow the water to pass through especially rainwater. You can also construct a drain around the edge of your lawn to control where the water will go. 

Without placing proper drainage, a pool of water will fill the base of your turf. Eventually risking every effort and resources you put into your project. This is why it’s necessary to plan your turf laying project carefully.

No weed preventing barrier

TIP: Place a plastic membrane under the turf to stop weeds from growing. Weeds can still grow under the surface of your newly installed turf. Some weeds will push their way through and spoil your lawn if you forget to place a weed barrier.

Not securing the edges

TIP: Nail the edges of your turf into a wooden frame. This is one way to secure the edges of your newly installed turf and avoid people from tripping over them.

Lack of adequate planning 

TIP: For beginners, always make sure to measure the area where you want to place your new turf. This is to get the exact amount of grass to fill in your yard. Laying turf may sound complicated but with careful thought and planning, you’re sure to achieve your desired outcome.

Buying the turf early and leaving it lying around

TIP: Avoid buying your grass too early. First, make sure to prepare the soil, clean the area where you will install your grass. After all the meticulous preparation, you’re ready to buy and lay your artificial grass.

Call your trusted turf layers in Sydney

Turf laying may sound complicated but if you have adequate information backed with careful planning, there’s no way you can’t make this project a huge success. All you need to do is to avoid the aforementioned mistakes. 

With NS Landscapes, we assure to deliver and provide you with a flawless and well-manicured lawn that you have always longed for. We provide turf laying services across Sydney.

Give NS Landscapes a call today at 0412 614 133 and we will give you our obligation-free quotes on all types of garden services you want us to work on.

10 Important Tips in Gardening & Landscaping for Beginners

Gardening tools and spring flowers in the garden

In gardening, there’s no exact rules or guidelines that you must follow. As a matter of fact, even the experts and experienced gardeners can make a mistake as well. For beginners seeking advice in gardening, you should not be intimidated making mistakes. For buying the wrong grass or you forgot to weed-proof prior to laying the turf. Instead, turn it into a lesson to improve your skills for your next gardening and landscaping project.

Gardening is rewarding when you see the results of your hard work. Therefore, always arm yourself with basic information on how to start and maintain your garden. As they always say, knowledge is the key to success.

Beginner’s 10 Essential Gardening and Landscaping Tips

Whether you’re interested in gardening or completely redesigning your lawn. There are essential gardening and landscaping tips you need to know before you start planting. This will give you a better understanding.

Consider your resources

Start small. First, consider your resources on how much you’re willing to spend and devote to this project. You have to take into account the maintenance department as well. Because when you start small, there’s more chance of success and lesser investment. Keeping you from overwhelming in the entirety of the project.

Know what you want for your garden

The choice is yours. Know what you want to put in your garden. Is it for produce, an inspiration or long term landscaping? After having some careful thought, you’re ready to determine the style or the design you want for your lawn. There are plenty of ideas and inspiration you can find via the internet.

Nurture your soil

No matter what type of soil you have, always prepare your soil. There’s plenty of soil supplies available in your local market to help improve your lawn. In gardening, fertile soil encourages healthy growth. And having a fertile soil is the most basic foundation for the success of your gardening project. Even before planting or installing your grass, it’s wise always to prepare or nurture the soil.

Start with no-fail plants

For beginners, although it’s fun trying some rare and unusual plants. You’re just starting and can’t afford to risk your resources. Initially, go with tried-and-true plants at your local nursery aisles. This will ensure practicality and guarantees a successful gardening project. If your thumb has become greener, you can now expand the roster of plants you want for your garden.

Conserve the moisture of the soil

Embrace mulching your garden. Mulching your soil discourages weeds, conserves soil moisture and the soil temperature. It also keeps your soil from cracking and baking under the heat of the sun because it hinders water absorption.

Give your plants enough space to grow

Always consider the area and spaces for your plants. Plants need space to grow. When you plant them close to each other, your plants will require frequent watering and increases its demand for fertiliser. Additionally, crowded plants are prone to or susceptible to diseases. Shy away from your local garden centre’s display to keep you from buying too many plants. No matter how beautiful the plant will look in your garden.

Handle your plants with care

Avoid removing or pulling your new plants from their stems. Chances are you’re likely to bruise or break them. With your dominant hand holding the pot, gently squeeze and turn it upside-down; while your other hand will catch your new plant as it slides out of the pot. You can also place the pot on a surface and press the sides while rotating it. 

Avoid drying out the roots

Soak the roots of your plants. Drying out the roots is the last thing you want to see. Before you place your new plants in the soil, soak the roots thoroughly and make sure the hole is larger than the root ball. Spread the roots for better chances of absorption of moisture and nutrients. 

Label your plants

As beginners in gardening, there’s a chance that you will easily forget what you’ve planted. Sometimes, you don’t know where you planted them. Give an extra time tagging or labelling your plant. 

Watering your plant at the right time

Water your plants, especially your seedlings and transplants, to fully establish their roots. They require daily watering to survive. Once your plants have established its roots, watering will depend on your soil and weather. 

First, know the type of your soil. Clay soil dries out slowly than sandy soil. Second, know the weather condition. Sunny and windy conditions can dry your soil quickly than cool and cloudy weather condition. To minimise evaporation, water your plants in the morning. Allow the water to soak instead of running off by watering deeply and slowly.

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How to Lay Turf Efficiently

Preparing For Grass Installation

We all love a picture-perfect lawn. And maintaining a lush-looking yard requires time, effort and even resources in order to retain the curb appeal. In this article, we will give you tips and guidance on how to lay your turf and create a great-looking lawn that’s perfect in all seasons.

Primarily, there are basic and convenient ways you need to know in creating and maintaining a well-manicured lawn.

  • Sow grass seeds. This might take a long time to see the fruits of your labour. But, it’s definitely worth the wait.
  • Interval planting small seedlings. This process takes time to establish as well. And requires patience to see the results
  • Turf laying. It’s the simplest and easiest solution for many homeowners. This method will create an instant lawn where it’s laid virtually right in front of you.

Laying turf does not only promise convenience. It’s even more practical in terms of time and energy. In case you decide to do the project on your own, there are certain details that you need to keep in mind on how to lay turf efficiently and successfully.

Essential Steps in Laying Turf

Soil Preparation

Most of the Australian soil is not suitable for growing grass. Some soils are compacted clay that air and water can’t penetrate to the roots. While some other soils have a fair amount of acid or alkali. But, the worst part of it is that some soil is good at growing weeds. Fortunately, with today’s innovations, we are now capable of nurturing our Australian soil. 

And this is why soil preparation is an essential part of the process for a successful turf laying project. In order to keep a healthy and lush-looking lawn, these are the important keys for soil preparation:

  • A pH value of 5.0 to 7.0 sandy loam is ideal for growing a lush and healthy lawn. If the soil goes below 5.0, add some lime. And if it goes over 7.0, you can improve the soil quality by adding sulphur or gypsum.
  • Eliminate the existing weeds. This is the most common mistake many homeowners fail to pay attention to. Weed eradication may take up to 3 weeks but it is necessary prior to turf laying.
  • Ensure your soil is free from all types of debris including rocks. Create a firm surface by lightly rolling or watering the area. And turn your soil over in a depth of 15cm or more.  Apply a pre-planting fertiliser above the soil and below your turf once it’s laid.
  • Typically, turf is around 25mm thick, it should sit higher than the edges or paths. In order to keep your lawn attractive with neat-looking edges; avoid rushing the levelling process make sure to level your soil properly.

Laying your turf

Usually, turf comes in rolls or slabs. Whether the turf comes in a different package, they still follow the same procedure when it comes to turf laying.

  • First, water the soil lightly prior to laying the turf. Then, roll the turf one at a time in a brickwork pattern. 
  • Start at the outer edges of the yard and work your way all the way to the centre. Avoid overlapping, stretching and gaps. This keeps smaller pieces of turf drying out on the perimeter.
  • Do not rip the turf. Use a secateurs or a sharp knife.
  • If you’re laying turf on a sloped area, plant the turf across the slope. This will keep the water from running down between the rolls. And to avoid washing away the soil underneath the prepared soil.
  • Once you have laid your turf, water it right away to activate the fertiliser and prevent it from drying out. 
  • Allow the water to penetrate into the grass mat down to the soil for a successful turf laying project.
  • With lawn rollers, give your turf a good rolling to even out bumps and firm the turf down. Let the roots of the grass and soil bond by squeezing out pockets of air.

Watering your new turf

Always ensure to water your new turf for the first 4 to 6 weeks every day. This will help the roots settle in and bond with the soil firmly. Furthermore, for a successful outcome of the turf laying project, keep people and your precious pets from the turf surface for at least a month. Gradually, reduce the amount of water to allow deep rooting of your new turf.

Turf Laying Services in Sydney

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Best Ways to Take Care of a Low Maintenance Front Garden

Nicely trimmed and manicured garden in front of a house on a sunny summer day

Maintaining a lush and healthy garden is tedious. Cultivating an eye-catching landscape doesn’t have to be expensive that will take away every free moment you have at home. We all want a garden where it allows us to simply free our mind, relax and enjoy. 

When you own a lawn, you do understand that watering and mowing consumes most of your time taking care of your yard. In order to minimise the load of looking after your garden, take these low maintenance front garden tips by heart and you’re sure to reduce and cut back on your workload. 

Tips in Taking Care of a Low Maintenance Front Garden 

  • The right time to prune. The right time to prune your garden plants will definitely minimise costly maintenance. It also gives an impression of an efficient and proper way of taking care of your garden. Prune when your plant is in its dormant stage.
  • Weed out early. Don’t let your weeds establish their roots. Deal with them as soon as possible or early spring. There are aggressive weeds that worsen during summer.
  • Avoid fertilising early. Autumn is the best time to fertilise your garden. It allows your turf to establish and build up their roots. 
  • Loosen your soil. After the winter, the garden bed soil may be compacted. Loosen the soil by removing thick layers of leaves. Leave thin layers of leaves for mulching.
  • Proper grass mowing. When your grass reaches 2 to 3 inches tall, you can now mow your lawn. 
  • Edging. Even if you opt for a low maintenance front garden, you can still keep a lush green turf and flower beds with edging. Install some wooden or stone edging for a polish look to your landscape.
  • Automatic irrigation systems. With an automatic irrigation system, you’re sure to minimise manual watering. This type of watering is efficient especially if you’re always on the go.

Additional Low Maintenance Front Garden Tips

If you’re looking to revamp or restore your garden, check out these essential tips in creating a low maintenance front garden. 

  • Xeriscaping. Owning a lawn or a front garden had to deal with a great deal of watering and mowing. With xeriscaping, the landscape eliminates the need for watering or irrigation. 
  • Contemporary style. Clean and minimal. This will definitely lessen your time and cost in maintaining a front garden. With today’s advancements, there’s plenty of contemporary style and ideas available for your garden.
  • Pavement over a lawn. Decking or paving, this will definitely cut-down hours on raking and mowing. Even if you’ve replaced your lawn over decks or paving, it still requires maintenance.
  • Containers. When it comes to weeding, planting in containers saves you time in maintaining your garden. Just a reminder to not go overboard planting in containers.
  • Artificial grass. If you have kids or pets around your home and want to keep your front garden green and full of life, consider installing some artificial grass.

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