NS Landscaping specialises in tree lopping services across Sydney’s North Shore. Our tree lopping service includes trimming unwanted sections of trees and shaping up of trees. We clear branches and limbs, and shorten tree trunks. We provide expert tree services offering excellent care by ensuring that no hazard, from falling branches, faces your property or residence. We also ensure zero rate of foliage at affordable tree services.

What’s involved?

We reshape your existing trees until we achieve a blend to your general landscape look. This involves edging the branches as well as the limbs to achieve a modified tree shape. If the customer wants to limit the height of trees, we may remove all the branches, limbs and if necessary some part of the trunk. After this, we will train the subsequent branches to grow in the direction one desires.

In the case where a natural disaster (e.g. lightning) has broken your trees, NS tree lopping services involve removing the damaged section and only that is in the destruction. This will help give your tree space to thrive again, growing new branches and growths. When the tree has recovered, we make sure that it is in protected and good-looking condition by trimming it.

Precautions we take to avoid tree lopping hazards

When conducting any form of tree lopping, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of the customers’ property or home concerning surrounding trees, buildings, plants and the landscape. We also have insurance covers against damages occurring in the process of offering the services.

Choosing a reliable and experience tree lopper

While selecting a tree lopping provider in Sydney, it is vital to:

  • First, do a background search of the organisation
  • See the strength of its record of accomplishment i.e. recent projects
  • Evaluate the affordability of the provider

NS Landscaping offers a sound tree lopping service for your investment. Simply call us today on 0412 614 133 to find out more about how we can transform your garden landscape to the design you’ve always wanted.