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Parramatta, NSW

We at NS landscaping are an environmentally conscious landscaping company. Our designs are in harmony with the outside environment. We have a passionate approach to landscaping, that is why we have been able to create some of the most stunning landscape designs in Parramatta. We offer an extensive range of landscaping services in Parramatta.

Why choose NS landscaping in Parramatta

We can give you many reasons as to why you should choose us. Below are just some of these reasons why:

High standards of customer service

One of the reasons why our existing customers recommend us is because we have provided them a high level of customer service and been able to deliver what we promise.

We complete our landscaping projects in consultation with our customers. We understand that for achieving desired results, it is very important to incorporate customers’ ideas.

We hire the best people in the landscaping business

We hire only those who are capable of delivering the best. All our employees possess years of experience in handling landscaping projects in Parramatta. They have all been trained in customer service so that they are able to properly handle all customer requirements efficiently and effectively.

 We are a fully insured company

We are a fully insured and we follow all Australian OHS regulations. We possess full knowledge of local council regulations in NSW and work closely to ensure we abide by all government legislations when undertaking our landscaping duties.

Our landscaping Parramatta services:

  • Landscaping design services in Parramatta
  • Wall retention services in Parramatta
  • Services for Paving in Parramatta
  • Turf laying services in Parramatta
  • Tree laying, Tree lopping and tree pruning services
  • Parramatta Landscaping design services
  • Garden services – Best providers of Parramatta garden services.

This is only a few of the services that we provide. Please get in touch with us to know more about our landscaping services in Parramatta.

Call us today on 0412 614 133.

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