Mowing is one of the most tedious and time-consuming chores, especially on a weekend. Most homeowners don’t want to spend their weekend soaking under the heat of the sun. However, if you know how to mow the lawn efficiently, it can be a fun and satisfying activity. Also, if you want to keep your lawn groomed, green and healthy, make mowing a habit.

Some mowing techniques will depend on the size and shape of your lawn. However, you as the homeowner know your lawn more than anyone and these techniques are simply a form of references. Besides, our goal in mowing the lawn regularly is to keep it tidy and green. Check out what technique best works for you.

Tips on How to Mow Your Lawn Fast and Efficiently

Regular mowing is the key to a green and lush lawn. It will encourage healthy growth and hard-wearing grass. Discover and learn how to save your time and energy while avoiding the unnecessary steps in mowing the lawn. 

Start with the features

Most likely you have installed some features in your lawn. To save time from mowing and cut your turf in a uniform pattern efficiently, start with the features in your garden. For instance, you installed a bed of ornamentals or flowers at the centre of your lawn–mow around these areas first. If you have other features such as statues, rocks, walkways, etc, start mowing around these spots. Then, work your way throughout the lawn.

Follow a pattern

Mowing in random areas or spots in your lawn will cost time, energy and unnecessary work. Start mowing around the perimeter or the edge of your lawn, make sure the discharge chute points toward the lawn. Once you get to your starting point, make a U-turn to point the discharge chute towards the strip you just mowed. Do it again until you will make it on the other side of the lawn.

Go slow and consistent

If you’re one of the homeowners who own a flail mower, go slow and consistent. While it’s tempting to go faster like riding an ATV on your lawnmower, speeding through will leave an uneven or uncut area. And this is not considered a fast and efficient way of mowing the lawn since you have to go over the missed spot.

Mow in circles or a row

Mowing in a circular, vertical or horizontal pattern is one of the most efficient and easiest techniques which saves your time and energy. 

  • Mowing in rows. Mowing in rows’ principle is to limit the times you have to turn the mower. When mowing in rows, you have to consider the width and length of the lawn. If the lawn is wider than its length–mow in horizontal rows, and goes the other way around. 
  • Mowing in circles. The principle in a circular pattern is similar as in mowing in horizontal or vertical only in circles with a slight difference when it comes to maneuvering the lawnmower. However, mowing in circles is more efficient as it doesn’t require sharp turns from when mowing in rows


What technique works best for you is what is more important. Moreover, mowing your lawn is more than just techniques and efficiency, it’s about growing your lawn healthy and resilient. Every homeowner aspires to have a green and lush lawn, being the envy around the neighbourhood is all thanks to your immaculately groomed landscape.

If you’re still not convinced with all these efficient ways of mowing your lawn, call a trustworthy team of a landscaper in Sydney. Professional gardeners will provide you with an efficient and affordable garden makeover. 

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