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The lawn or your garden creates a happy and vibrant image to the overall appearance of your property. Your lawn is the most prominent feature that every passerby will notice above all else. Moreover, the landscape is not only a bonus feature in your property. It is also considered as a home to every living thing that surrounds the area. 

A vibrant and healthy garden provides a range of benefits such as improved air quality, encourages the ecosystem to thrive and simply a place to relax. But, a poorly designed landscape creates an unsightly view. Fret not! NS Landscaping has put together these basic principles in design for you in creating balance and harmony to your landscape. This will help you avoid landscaping mistakes along the way.

Discover and learn these ten (10) basic principles in designing your landscape and add value to your property. 

10 Principles of Landscaping Design for Beginners

Creating a pleasing and fancy landscape is guided by a set of principles. These principles are every designer’s tool in placing elements and other components to create a desirable feature. Unfortunately, not every homeowner can shell out a hefty amount of dollars to hire a professional designer. 

Moreover, by understanding the basic principles of design and a range of affordable tools and materials in the market–you can now recreate your dreams into reality. Whether you’re an aspiring designer or simply a homeowner looking to revive your flat and dull landscape–check out our list of basic principles. 

These principles are in no specific order. Simply know them by heart and you’re on your way to creating your landscaping project.

  1. Purpose. First, know what is the purpose of your garden. Usually, when creating or designing a garden, people have these three (3) goals in mind, visually appealing, a place to recreate or relax and a functional place.
  1. Unity. Unity is a concept that brings your design altogether and that they can work together. By employing a certain theme or style, it will be easier for you to connect your elements altogether.
  1. Repetition. This is a concept that creates predictable, familiar patterns or sequence. Repetition is useful. But, try not to overdo or overwhelm your landscape with this concept.
  1. Scale and Proportion. When we talk about scale, it is the size of the components in your landscape while the proportion is on how they relate to each other.
  1. Simplicity. There’s beauty in simplicity. Just because the material or the item is expensive it creates an expensive look to your garden. If the component or feature do not provide visual impact or improvement, take it out. Prioritise a neat and tidy design.
  2. Balance. Everything that is placed in your landscape carries a certain visual weight. The size, shape or form should be diverse to create a visually appealing and balanced image.
  1. Harmony and Contrast. With harmony and contrast, it will guide you in highlighting a certain feature in your garden while it still creates a unified appearance.
  1. Transition. The most basic principle in designing which creates a gradual change. The transition concept applies to the plants or foliage’s size and shape.
  1. Colour. Colour offers dimension in your garden that will create a perspective from your spectator and even from you. For instance, green and blue seem to move away from you while orange and red are likely advancing towards you.
  1. Line. The line is the king of all elements in designing a landscape. The line is the most useful component in creating walkways, entryways, flower beds and other texture or perspective in the garden. It also provides illusion, depth or distance.


With these basic landscaping design principles, you can now recreate your most coveted landscape or garden into a reality. Moreover, for simple and non-technical landscape design skills needed, think of a theme or certain style that you want. This will be easier for you to gather or compile your thoughts and use these basic principles along with your project.

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