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In every landscape, lawn or garden, weeds make an appearance out of nowhere. Taming and keeping up with the upkeep of your lawn can be overwhelming at times. Especially for people running a busy lifestyle or homeowners with little members in the family. 

A poorly maintained lawn can develop and grow weeds over time. Weeds can steal your soil’s nutrients because they have the same needs as your plants, flowers and grass. It only means that they can grow as thick and rampant as your shrubs. Therefore, one of the best ways to get rid of weeds is to create an environment where it’s difficult for them to thrive.

Learn how to get rid of these weeds efficiently without harming your grass and still have quality time for your family. You can also call a reliable landscaper and expert gardener in Sydney to maintain a lush green lawn all year long.

Preventive Care and Lawn Maintenance Tips

As mentioned earlier, a poorly maintained lawn a home to healthy weeds. For instance, low-mowed grass, water-deprived and compacted soil these are the elements that encourage the growth of weeds. Maintain a healthy lawn and get rid of your weed problem with these simple yet effective preventive care and lawn maintenance tips.

Pull weeds by hands

Sometimes, all you need is a strong set of hands to get rid of these nuisance weeds. Make sure to grab the weeds by the base to pull up the roots. But this type of techniques is only effective when you start to notice the weeds popping out of your lawn. 

However, once the weed problem has got out of hands, pulling them is no longer viable. You have to look for another solution where you can fully pull out the root cause of these thick and rampant weeds in your lawn.

Fertilise your soil regularly

For your grass to grow strong and healthy, provide them with a rich-nutrient fertiliser. Moreover, make sure to give your grass enough amount of fertiliser to fully get rid of the weeds. Placing an excessive amount of fertiliser will encourage the growth of weeds.

Avoid watering lightly

One of the most common mistakes every homeowner do when watering the lawn–consistent and light. Watering consistently and light will only provide a room for the weeds to thrive while seldom and watering the grass deep kills them. This watering technique allows your grass to grow healthy and strong that allows them to compete better with weeds.

Mow the lawn regularly

Mowing regularly is the only consistency your grass needs. Mowing your lawn regularly will not only keep your grass healthy and strong, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to get rid of the weeds. Make sure that you know when to set your lawnmower high or low to avoid stressing out your grass.

Weed-specific herbicide

With today’s advanced innovations, there is an array of weed-specific herbicides available in the market. If you’re not sure which one to buy, ask your local gardener in Sydney to resolve your weed problem.


One of the key elements in getting rid of the weeds is consistency. If you’re consistent in maintaining or providing your lawn’s needs, there will be no room enough for the weeds to thrive. With today’s advances and innovative solutions, it still requires an individual’s undivided attention for the task to be effective.

Moreover, at NS Landscaping, we completely understand that every homeowner has different needs and important things to attend besides taking care of the home. With this consideration in mind, you can depend on our expert landscaper and gardener in Sydney to provide you with comprehensive lawn care and maintenance services.

Trusted Lawn Care and Gardening Service Provider in Sydney

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