There’s been a high increase in the popularity of garden makeovers. Professionals come in and transform your garden in less than a day. Your landscaper knows how to handle your garden. NS Landscapes knows everything about landscape management because we have over ten years’ experience in the field.

Our professionals know how to handle all types of gardens and when they visit your garden they will check your garden and come up with a plan to make your garden the place to always wish to be. We offer the following types of garden makeovers:

1. Re-turfing
We are so used to seeing the grass on the garden that we take it for granted and forget to consider that it may be the same grass and soil since your house was built and therefore could be over ten old! A new fresh lawn will amaze you and give you a completely new experience.

2. Footpath.
How about creating a short decorative path from one part of your garden to the other? It does not have to be expensive or extravagant. It will add a nice character to your garden and if functional a ‘dry’ route from one part of it to another.

3. Patio.
You may have a patio already. If so, ask yourself if you’d like a different one, a new shape, and design. If you don’t have one, then you’ll know that you can miss that space to sit and entertain guests or have a barbeque. Populate your patio with lounge chairs and your new patio will be the envy of all your family and guests!

4. Furniture.
Having furniture in your garden makeover is a must. If you have space, then a small table and some chairs in the obvious choice.

5. Lights.
They are a less common feature though becoming increasingly fashionable. You can have a single light or even string of lights and you may mark you new path so that you can see in the dark and dusk. This can add real class to an otherwise modest and simple space.

6. Redo beds.
Probably the least ambitious of these ideas is simply redoing your flower beds. We change them around and prepare them for some new plants next year.

7. Water feature.
We will install your garden with a small fountain or a decorative device that offers flowing water. This can offer a real sense of serenity in a garden – something which every garden should have in some measure.

8. New shed or greenhouse.
If your garden or backyard is big enough and you don’t have either a shed or greenhouse. We recommend you consider one or the other (or both). We have plenty of ideas of how we can revitalise your entire garden and background to ensure it’s always looking it’s best for both summer and winter!

9. Complete new design.
If you have no interest in the traditional garden or the features, we have mentioned above. An option many go for is simply to do away with all things that need regular maintenance and attention and use materials and a feature that require none! Slabs and stones can be made very attractive and still have organic features combined with them but leaving you with nothing to worry about.

You will get the above services when you hire our landscaping services. We will surely provide the best service to make your green space inviting and neat.