According to statistics, people spend about 93% of their time either indoors or in cars. These numbers are really frightening. This then means that something needs to be done. The solution here comes from identifying the causes first. There may be many reasons why this happens. One of them might be because they do not have outdoor living spaces/oasis. 

Even if they do, the spaces are not exactly places they would want to be. If at all, this might be the reason for keeping you indoors, we have a solution. We are going to help you design your perfect outdoor oasis by providing simple tips.

outdoor oasis

Here’s what you need to do.

1) Water

Human beings are known to love water and anything that produces water. You can, therefore, incorporate this into outdoor space to make a perfect oasis. It would be excellent if you live near a natural source of water like a river or beach. Even if you do not, that should not stop you from having a perfect oasis. You can just bring the water to you through artificial water features. This can be in the form of fountains or a fish pond or anything else that excites you.

Water features come with numerous benefits. One, they bring a glamorous outlook on your outdoor space. Hearing the sound of trickling water is also calming. Therefore, with a water feature, you get to relax more peacefully. There are many different styles in which you can implement water features. The only limitations are in your mind.

2) Landscaping

Landscaping is integral when it comes to having an outdoor oasis. This is because it is directly involved with modifying outdoor areas. It is mainly done to make everything more attractive. It is for this reason that you should put a lot of emphasis on landscaping activities. 

You may want your outdoor space to look like a vacation spot you saw online. This may possible but is not as straightforward as you may think. This idea might be vivid in your head, but put it into the ground is another story. This is why you need experienced people in the field to help you. Make sure you hire the services of a renowned landscaping company. With this, you will not regret the results.

3) Shade

You should design it in a way that your sitting/resting area has enough shade. This will make spending time outdoors comfortable even when it is hot outside. 

There are multiple ways to do this. 

You can erect poles and place roofing materials like iron sheets on top. This is what some people do to their outdoor living areas. You can go this way or choose to be different. One exceptional way of providing shade is by placing umbrellas. You can also place awnings in your outdoor space. Such items do not only provide shade but also add a little more spark and uniqueness into your space.

4) Add As Many Essentials As You Need

Your outdoor oasis is a space where you get to relax and throw yourself away from your everyday life. Part of doing this also involves staying away from the house as much as possible. Basically, put everything you might need outside; on your outdoor oasis area. 

A good way of putting this into practice is by incorporating a kitchen area. When sitting outside for long, you are prone to feel hungry. Since you do not want to walk all the way to the house to prepare a meal, you can just do everything from outside. To do this, you need a cooking area. This is where you will have your grill, fridge, utensils, and many other things. Even when you have visitors around, you can do everything outdoors


Everybody wants a perfect outdoor oasis. Wanting something is one thing, and going for it is another. There is a lot that goes into getting a marvellous oasis. Having a proper design is among those things. Your design should incorporate water sources as they are aesthetically pleasing and calming. You should also put up a shade and bring out all your essentials. Let us not forget the important role landscaping plays in the final outlook of your oasis. 

That is why you need to trust NS Landscapes. Here at NS Landscapes, we will take notes of everything you want and deliver your dream outdoor oasis. All you have to do is call us on 0412 614 133 and leave the rest with us.