Installing New Fresh Grass

Having an outdoor space that promotes and encourages a healthy lifestyle by way of connecting to nature is a privilege. However, not every homeowner can have this kind of privilege and level of comfort in their own house under some circumstances. And even if some had adequate space, some homeowners can’t afford or can’t keep up with the lifestyle.

Moreover, keeping with this kind of lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, there’s plenty of helpful advice you can access over the internet anytime. In case you want to spearhead a turf laying project, there are certain things you have to avoid. This will keep you from risking and putting your resources to waste. If you want to revamp your lawn, read on to know the common mistakes and figure out what’s best for your lawn.

Common Mistakes with DIY Turf Laying

They say mistakes are the best teacher. In order to avoid making the same mistake the second time around. Learn what are the common mistakes in turf laying and keep the following tips in mind on how to avoid them.

Laying turf on an uneven surface

TIP: Always make sure to have adequate information on how to lay the turf. First, assess the area where you want to place or install your new turf. In case there are uneven areas such as cracks from concrete, tree roots or other debris in the surface; even them out for a flawless working area later on.

If you fail to even the area prior to laying your turf, these imperfections will stand-out putting your efforts to waste.

No proper drainage

TIP: Keep your base deep and fill it with cut stone. You can also place a gentle slope to allow the water to pass through especially rainwater. You can also construct a drain around the edge of your lawn to control where the water will go. 

Without placing proper drainage, a pool of water will fill the base of your turf. Eventually risking every effort and resources you put into your project. This is why it’s necessary to plan your turf laying project carefully.

No weed preventing barrier

TIP: Place a plastic membrane under the turf to stop weeds from growing. Weeds can still grow under the surface of your newly installed turf. Some weeds will push their way through and spoil your lawn if you forget to place a weed barrier.

Not securing the edges

TIP: Nail the edges of your turf into a wooden frame. This is one way to secure the edges of your newly installed turf and avoid people from tripping over them.

Lack of adequate planning 

TIP: For beginners, always make sure to measure the area where you want to place your new turf. This is to get the exact amount of grass to fill in your yard. Laying turf may sound complicated but with careful thought and planning, you’re sure to achieve your desired outcome.

Buying the turf early and leaving it lying around

TIP: Avoid buying your grass too early. First, make sure to prepare the soil, clean the area where you will install your grass. After all the meticulous preparation, you’re ready to buy and lay your artificial grass.

Call your trusted turf layers in Sydney

Turf laying may sound complicated but if you have adequate information backed with careful planning, there’s no way you can’t make this project a huge success. All you need to do is to avoid the aforementioned mistakes. 

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