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How to Get Rid of Weeds Without Harming Your Lawn in Sydney

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In every landscape, lawn or garden, weeds make an appearance out of nowhere. Taming and keeping up with the upkeep of your lawn can be overwhelming at times. Especially for people running a busy lifestyle or homeowners with little members in the family. 

A poorly maintained lawn can develop and grow weeds over time. Weeds can steal your soil’s nutrients because they have the same needs as your plants, flowers and grass. It only means that they can grow as thick and rampant as your shrubs. Therefore, one of the best ways to get rid of weeds is to create an environment where it’s difficult for them to thrive.

Learn how to get rid of these weeds efficiently without harming your grass and still have quality time for your family. You can also call a reliable landscaper and expert gardener in Sydney to maintain a lush green lawn all year long.

Preventive Care and Lawn Maintenance Tips

As mentioned earlier, a poorly maintained lawn a home to healthy weeds. For instance, low-mowed grass, water-deprived and compacted soil these are the elements that encourage the growth of weeds. Maintain a healthy lawn and get rid of your weed problem with these simple yet effective preventive care and lawn maintenance tips.

Pull weeds by hands

Sometimes, all you need is a strong set of hands to get rid of these nuisance weeds. Make sure to grab the weeds by the base to pull up the roots. But this type of techniques is only effective when you start to notice the weeds popping out of your lawn. 

However, once the weed problem has got out of hands, pulling them is no longer viable. You have to look for another solution where you can fully pull out the root cause of these thick and rampant weeds in your lawn.

Fertilise your soil regularly

For your grass to grow strong and healthy, provide them with a rich-nutrient fertiliser. Moreover, make sure to give your grass enough amount of fertiliser to fully get rid of the weeds. Placing an excessive amount of fertiliser will encourage the growth of weeds.

Avoid watering lightly

One of the most common mistakes every homeowner do when watering the lawn–consistent and light. Watering consistently and light will only provide a room for the weeds to thrive while seldom and watering the grass deep kills them. This watering technique allows your grass to grow healthy and strong that allows them to compete better with weeds.

Mow the lawn regularly

Mowing regularly is the only consistency your grass needs. Mowing your lawn regularly will not only keep your grass healthy and strong, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to get rid of the weeds. Make sure that you know when to set your lawnmower high or low to avoid stressing out your grass.

Weed-specific herbicide

With today’s advanced innovations, there is an array of weed-specific herbicides available in the market. If you’re not sure which one to buy, ask your local gardener in Sydney to resolve your weed problem.


One of the key elements in getting rid of the weeds is consistency. If you’re consistent in maintaining or providing your lawn’s needs, there will be no room enough for the weeds to thrive. With today’s advances and innovative solutions, it still requires an individual’s undivided attention for the task to be effective.

Moreover, at NS Landscaping, we completely understand that every homeowner has different needs and important things to attend besides taking care of the home. With this consideration in mind, you can depend on our expert landscaper and gardener in Sydney to provide you with comprehensive lawn care and maintenance services.

Trusted Lawn Care and Gardening Service Provider in Sydney

NS Landscaping is a trusted lawn care and gardening service provider with over 30+ years of experience in servicing the North Shore and Sydney residents. We understand your needs and you can count on our dedicated team to provide you with a concrete solution in resolving your weed problems.

Call NS Landscaping today at 0412 614 133 and let our friendly staff know what type of lawn care and landscaping services you need. We also provide tree lopping and garden makeover. Get your lawn trimmed and healthy all year round with our competitive lawn care and gardening services in Sydney. Call us for a free estimate.

10 Principles Used in Great Landscaping Design for Starters

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The lawn or your garden creates a happy and vibrant image to the overall appearance of your property. Your lawn is the most prominent feature that every passerby will notice above all else. Moreover, the landscape is not only a bonus feature in your property. It is also considered as a home to every living thing that surrounds the area. 

A vibrant and healthy garden provides a range of benefits such as improved air quality, encourages the ecosystem to thrive and simply a place to relax. But, a poorly designed landscape creates an unsightly view. Fret not! NS Landscaping has put together these basic principles in design for you in creating balance and harmony to your landscape. This will help you avoid landscaping mistakes along the way.

Discover and learn these ten (10) basic principles in designing your landscape and add value to your property. 

10 Principles of Landscaping Design for Beginners

Creating a pleasing and fancy landscape is guided by a set of principles. These principles are every designer’s tool in placing elements and other components to create a desirable feature. Unfortunately, not every homeowner can shell out a hefty amount of dollars to hire a professional designer. 

Moreover, by understanding the basic principles of design and a range of affordable tools and materials in the market–you can now recreate your dreams into reality. Whether you’re an aspiring designer or simply a homeowner looking to revive your flat and dull landscape–check out our list of basic principles. 

These principles are in no specific order. Simply know them by heart and you’re on your way to creating your landscaping project.

  1. Purpose. First, know what is the purpose of your garden. Usually, when creating or designing a garden, people have these three (3) goals in mind, visually appealing, a place to recreate or relax and a functional place.
  1. Unity. Unity is a concept that brings your design altogether and that they can work together. By employing a certain theme or style, it will be easier for you to connect your elements altogether.
  1. Repetition. This is a concept that creates predictable, familiar patterns or sequence. Repetition is useful. But, try not to overdo or overwhelm your landscape with this concept.
  1. Scale and Proportion. When we talk about scale, it is the size of the components in your landscape while the proportion is on how they relate to each other.
  1. Simplicity. There’s beauty in simplicity. Just because the material or the item is expensive it creates an expensive look to your garden. If the component or feature do not provide visual impact or improvement, take it out. Prioritise a neat and tidy design.
  2. Balance. Everything that is placed in your landscape carries a certain visual weight. The size, shape or form should be diverse to create a visually appealing and balanced image.
  1. Harmony and Contrast. With harmony and contrast, it will guide you in highlighting a certain feature in your garden while it still creates a unified appearance.
  1. Transition. The most basic principle in designing which creates a gradual change. The transition concept applies to the plants or foliage’s size and shape.
  1. Colour. Colour offers dimension in your garden that will create a perspective from your spectator and even from you. For instance, green and blue seem to move away from you while orange and red are likely advancing towards you.
  1. Line. The line is the king of all elements in designing a landscape. The line is the most useful component in creating walkways, entryways, flower beds and other texture or perspective in the garden. It also provides illusion, depth or distance.


With these basic landscaping design principles, you can now recreate your most coveted landscape or garden into a reality. Moreover, for simple and non-technical landscape design skills needed, think of a theme or certain style that you want. This will be easier for you to gather or compile your thoughts and use these basic principles along with your project.

NS Landscaping has a team of experts that can help you with your garden makeover and other landscaping services. Simply give us a call and we will come to you.

Trusted Garden and Landscaping Service Provider in Sydney

NS Landscaping is a dedicated team of landscaper, gardener and tree lopper. We have 30+ years of providing comprehensive and competitive landscaping services in North Shore and Sydney. Give us a call and let us know what you need. When it comes to landscaping and garden makeover –NS Landscaping is the name you can trust. 

You can depend on NS Landscaping to give your lawn and garden the makeover it deserves. Call us today at 0412 614 133! 

How to Mow Your Lawn Fast and Easy


Mowing is one of the most tedious and time-consuming chores, especially on a weekend. Most homeowners don’t want to spend their weekend soaking under the heat of the sun. However, if you know how to mow the lawn efficiently, it can be a fun and satisfying activity. Also, if you want to keep your lawn groomed, green and healthy, make mowing a habit.

Some mowing techniques will depend on the size and shape of your lawn. However, you as the homeowner know your lawn more than anyone and these techniques are simply a form of references. Besides, our goal in mowing the lawn regularly is to keep it tidy and green. Check out what technique best works for you.

Tips on How to Mow Your Lawn Fast and Efficiently

Regular mowing is the key to a green and lush lawn. It will encourage healthy growth and hard-wearing grass. Discover and learn how to save your time and energy while avoiding the unnecessary steps in mowing the lawn. 

Start with the features

Most likely you have installed some features in your lawn. To save time from mowing and cut your turf in a uniform pattern efficiently, start with the features in your garden. For instance, you installed a bed of ornamentals or flowers at the centre of your lawn–mow around these areas first. If you have other features such as statues, rocks, walkways, etc, start mowing around these spots. Then, work your way throughout the lawn.

Follow a pattern

Mowing in random areas or spots in your lawn will cost time, energy and unnecessary work. Start mowing around the perimeter or the edge of your lawn, make sure the discharge chute points toward the lawn. Once you get to your starting point, make a U-turn to point the discharge chute towards the strip you just mowed. Do it again until you will make it on the other side of the lawn.

Go slow and consistent

If you’re one of the homeowners who own a flail mower, go slow and consistent. While it’s tempting to go faster like riding an ATV on your lawnmower, speeding through will leave an uneven or uncut area. And this is not considered a fast and efficient way of mowing the lawn since you have to go over the missed spot.

Mow in circles or a row

Mowing in a circular, vertical or horizontal pattern is one of the most efficient and easiest techniques which saves your time and energy. 

  • Mowing in rows. Mowing in rows’ principle is to limit the times you have to turn the mower. When mowing in rows, you have to consider the width and length of the lawn. If the lawn is wider than its length–mow in horizontal rows, and goes the other way around. 
  • Mowing in circles. The principle in a circular pattern is similar as in mowing in horizontal or vertical only in circles with a slight difference when it comes to maneuvering the lawnmower. However, mowing in circles is more efficient as it doesn’t require sharp turns from when mowing in rows


What technique works best for you is what is more important. Moreover, mowing your lawn is more than just techniques and efficiency, it’s about growing your lawn healthy and resilient. Every homeowner aspires to have a green and lush lawn, being the envy around the neighbourhood is all thanks to your immaculately groomed landscape.

If you’re still not convinced with all these efficient ways of mowing your lawn, call a trustworthy team of a landscaper in Sydney. Professional gardeners will provide you with an efficient and affordable garden makeover. 

Trusted Landscaping and Gardening Services in Sydney

NS Landscaping is a trustworthy gardener and landscaper service provider. We have 30+ years in the industry servicing the North Shore and Sydney with comprehensive and competitive gardening services. If you want to keep your lawn trimmed and groomed, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Let our friendly staff know what you need and we will provide you with an array of competent gardening services.

Call NS Landscaping today at 0412 614 133 and leave the mowing to our team of gardener experts in Sydney to do the job for you. We guarantee you that our landscaper and expert gardener in North Shore and Sydney are competent in their job. Give us a call and we will give your lawn and garden the makeover it deserves. Call us today!

Top 5 Natural Fertilisers for Your Lawn and Garden

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Organic or natural fertilisers are generally made from plant, animal-manure and minerals (powdered) by-product. As your plants, flowers, vegetables and trees grow, they go through a process which depletes the soil’s nutrients over time. By giving a rich-nutrient fertiliser, it will replenish the soil’s fertility and help your garden to thrive, grow and flourish.

There are plenty of choices or a variety of organic fertilisers you can find in your lawn and even the kitchen. Moreover, we will give you 5 of the best natural fertilisers that are equally rich as their synthetic counterpart. All you need to do is to learn how you can make out of these rich-nutrient natural fertilisers. 

5 Organic Fertilisers for your Lawn and Garden

Organic or natural fertilisers will help improve the structure and promote the fertility of your garden soil naturally. Also, it provides macronutrients that help fight fungal and bacterial diseases. Although natural fertilisers lack the necessary nutrients that plants don’t get from mineral fertilisers–organic fertilisers are environmentally friendly.

Fertilisers are like conditioners to the soil. They are essential for your plants to promote growth and prosper. If you want to start on your organic fertiliser journey, check out the following list of 5 natural fertilisers for your lawn and garden.

1. Compost

The most common type of organic fertiliser and you can even make it yourself–for free. Compost is made from a decomposed organic waste product which can be found in your kitchen and even your lawn. These organic wastes are grass cuttings, vegetable scraps, eggshells, leaves and twigs. 

Compost is a mix of rich nutrients that are considered as a gold mine for plants as it provides a well-balanced blend of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus to your garden.

2. Animal Manure

Animal manure provides short and long term benefits to a range of garden elements including plants, lawn, flowers and vegetables. However, not all types of animal manure especially domestic animals are suitable for use as fertilisers.

The most popular type of animal manure used as organic fertilisers derived from livestock including horses, cattle, chickens, sheep and worms.

3. Mulch

Mulching your lawn will put the nutrients back into the soil naturally. Mulch is also one of the most common and easiest natural fertiliser to produce since you can procure them easily. Shredded leaves, grass clippings, wood chips or straw–these are garden by-products you can place over your garden soil.

4. Fish

Fish as fertiliser will help improve the soil by increasing its fertility. Fertile soil is an integral component for plants to thrive. Fish fertilisers provide a high level of nitrogen (burn-free) along with other primary sources of nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus. 

5. Minerals

Minerals don’t come from living organisms but it is considered natural fertilisers since they are mined rocks composed of organic materials. Minerals contain nitrogen, phosphate and potassium which are essential nutrients for a range of garden plants, flowers and vegetables to thrive.


Although natural fertilisers don’t provide enough nutrients for your garden compared to their chemical counterparts, they can still provide an array of advantages. Organic or natural fertilisers proved to be sustainable and cost-effective especially for homeowners with a big garden or lawn. They are eco-friendly and easy to produce as most of them can be found in your lawn and kitchen.

If you’re not sure how to start with your organic fertiliser journey, call the professional gardener in Sydney. We provide an array of competitive landscaping and gardening services that fit your budget.

Trusted Landscaping Service Provider in Sydney

NS Landscaping is a trustworthy tree lopper and landscaping services provider in Sydney. We have 30+ years in the industry servicing the North Shore and Sydney with comprehensive and competitive gardening services including turf laying, garden makeover, stump grinding and more.

Get your lawn and garden keep its immaculate beauty with our gardening services and a team of professional landscapers in Sydney. NS Landscaping doesn’t give promises–we deliver. Call us today at 0412 614 133 and let us know what type of lawn care and gardening services you need. 

NS Landscaping is your trusted landscaper and expert gardener in North Shore and Sydney. Give us a call and we will give your lawn and garden the makeover it deserves. Call us today!

How Often Should I Mow My Sydney Lawn?


Mowing is a basic lawn aftercare procedure that entails cutting your grass using either a hand tool or a mower. A regularly mowed lawn indicates that you always keep your garden and lawn in check. As a consequence, the short and uniform grass in your yard can significantly increase your home’s value and curb appeal. Won’t that make your home the envy in your neighbourhood? Aside from the immediate cosmetic benefits of a neatly trimmed lawn,  regularly mowing your lawn also elicits numerous health benefits, such as:

  • Elimination of pests like chinch bugs and grubs from the grass.
  • Detection of brown patches and fungal diseases so you can immediately prevent them from spreading.
  • Equal and healthy distribution of resources such as water and sunlight for grass growth.
  • Keeping grass height optimal and consistent throughout your yard.
  • Retention and proliferation of the hardiest and healthiest shoots over time. 
  • Self-nourishment using the fallen grass. 

What are the common varieties of lawn in Sydney and how often should I mow them?

Different grass varieties require different mowing frequencies. Some types of grass grow fast, others slow, while some don’t grow at all (see artificial turf). If you’re interested in knowing how often you should mow your lawn, we’ve enumerated below the common lawn varieties of Australia with details on how often you should mow them. 

Kikuyu Grass

The Kikuyu Grass is regarded as the most economical lawn in Australia since it grows well in warm climates and full sun. On the minus side, this means that it grows poorly in shady areas. Kikuyu is robust and can regenerate quickly, that’s why it’s perfect for schools and sports fields. It grows incredibly fast so Kikuyu grass can be quite invasive. You have to mow your turf at least once a week, especially in the summer and other warmer times. 

Buffalo Grass

The Buffalo grass is durable and easy to grow. It grows well in the summer and winter and can even withstand the extreme temperatures of the seasons. A healthy Buffalo lawn can grow at a fast rate. After installation, you can mow it after 10-14 days. In the summer, you need to mow your lawn at least once a week if it’s healthy or every two weeks if it has average health. In the winter, however, mowing your Buffalo turf once a month should be enough. 

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass is another favourite of Sydney homeowners. It is a tough variety of grass that grows well in all seasons. It has soft leaf blades that are not painful and irritating to the skin. Zoysia grass grows slowly, so it’s not too demanding for frequent mowing. We recommend that you mow your Zoysia lawn once every 10-14 days. In the winter or cooler seasons, however, you can mow it once every 6 weeks. The downside to this slow growth is that it also takes longer to repair itself if it gets damaged.

Couch Grass

Couch grass is an easy- and fast-growing grass variety that is cheap, durable, and lush throughout the year. It has underground runners that allow it to be invasive to non-lawn areas. Couch grass is best mowed short, especially in the warmer seasons, wherein it requires mowing at least once weekly or fortnightly. 

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is a highly adaptable variety of grass which grows well in various light conditions, soil types, and climates. As a result, many homeowners in Sydney prefer installing pre-grown Tall Fescue grass. Unlike Couch grass, Tall Fescue has no runners so it won’t be invasive to adjacent areas. Mowing at least once a week is required to keep your lawn hardy and healthy. The ideal mowing height for Tall Fescue is 30-40 mm in winter and 40-50 mm in summer.

When is the best time to mow my lawn in Sydney?

The best time of the day to mow the lawn is late in the morning. This is when the dew has dried up and it’s not yet hot. Imagine doing this at least once a week can be draining and overwhelming. It can get tiring and boring. Not to mention that you have some other gardening chores to do. 

NS Landscapes is here to help. Give us a call at 0412 614 133, and we can talk over your preferred regular mowing schedule. Let our team of professionals handle the exhausting task of mowing your lawn so that you can rest or focus on your other tasks. NS Landscapes is your most reliable company for gardening services in Sydney. We understand that you want to have the best lawn in the neighbourhood, and we’re here to make that possible. 

How to Transform Your Outdoor Space Into a Garden of Tranquility

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A day can be full of stress in financial worries or pressure in work tasks. But with a garden of tranquillity at home where you can release your frustrations and body tensions, you can attain peace, comfort and state of mind renewal. If you have ever thought of having a peaceful haven in your yard, then the concept of a garden of tranquillity would interest you. 

Garden of tranquillity or serenity garden is a plot of land separated from the rest of the landscaping. This particular spot can be small, like in one bench under a tree or near a fountain etc. The garden intends to provide a place for reflection, peaceful reading, prayer or contemplation.

For some homeowners, they aren’t too interested in making their backyard glamorous and interactive. They think that it would be unnecessary to add other aesthetic features in their gardens, but little did they know that their backyard can be an ideal place to unwind, work with very little noise, or even read a book without interruption. 

Fortunately, elevating your backyard into one that represents a peaceful oasis doesn’t take a lot of investment and can be achieved with some know-how. Here are some of the ideas on how to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful garden of tranquillity.

Establish Your Tranquility Space

To find tranquillity, there’s no need to travel too far or go to secluded places in the mountains if it’s right outside your door. If you have walls in the backyard that are windowless, that’s a good place and starting point for transforming a space into a garden of tranquillity.

Finding a secluded spot in your outdoor space can be challenging if you have a boxy area. Hence, you can consider adding an arbour, arch, or door to establish your privacy. Flowers can also be used as a barrier that breaks the rest of your backyard into an area reserved for tranquillity. After your nook has been set out, you can start planning it more thoroughly.

Shade Your Area

If your tranquillity space is under a tree, that would be convenient on your part. But if your serenity garden is not soothing at all if you are sweating under the hot sun, you can add shades through vines trained to grow over a pergola. At the very least, an umbrella for an outdoor patio can protect you from UV rays as you embrace the energy of nature.

Choose Relaxing Colours and Enhance Existing Flora

Upon choosing the right plants for your garden of tranquillity, you have to choose the appropriate plants that have a soothing effect. Colours like soft neutral greens, lavender, and other pastel flowers can have a calming effect. This is the idea of a colour scheme in gardens meeting the science behind it.

Some of the suitable plants in your garden include lavender plants, catnip herbal plants with their grey and purple flowers, or several of the vivid green flowering plants. You can also use perennial bulbs which bloom every season. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to grow a garden from scratch, you can use plants on a pot. You can also invest in a “living” fence like shrubs or planted trees instead of using an actual fence such as conventional walls made of wood or metal. 

Be a Minimalist

One tip in designing your tranquillity space, do not overwhelm your garden with the unnecessary plants or fixtures. You can stick to natural elements and just improve the environment overtime to keep the calming effect.

Developing your garden of tranquillity is an ever-evolving process. It means that you have to take every detail you put in your garden like a journey towards peace. However, if you don’t have any idea about being minimalist, you can take Japanese Gardens for an example. Most of their gardens have only minimal fixtures.

Moreover, your minimalist style can start at leaving the centre of your garden open. You can start filling plants that create a thick cover on the ground that adds softness without competing for focus in the area around the perimeter. 

As colourful flowers bloom, they will fight for your attention, too. You can also have more colourful flowers in your garden, but you have to place them in the right position where you think it balances the harmony of your plants. 

Glamour Your Backyard with Accessories and Fixtures

Tranquillity is all about comfort that needs to be expressed in the accessories on your yard. You can put comfortable chairs and a table that lasts for several years rather than the uncomfortable foldable chairs that depend on the land’s plot.

If furniture is not enough, you can still put things that will make you feel relaxed such as tiny picture frames on the table, motivational quotes hanging on a tree or wall, and maybe a welcome mat to mark your backyard’s barrier.

Furthermore, a decorative wall lamp can also be one of the fixtures that will add a little charm and will set your garden’s mood at night. Additionally, you can invest in a lantern or tin cans filled with candles. Both lights will add a delicate, calming atmosphere to your backyard.

Calm Your Senses with Waters

Water sounds have a calming effect on the mind. If you want to install water features like fountains or ponds, you’ll have to consider first sizing the available space of your backyard for water elements. If you have a fairly spacious backyard, you can create a calming pond which can house some Koi fish. It will not only be relaxing, but the feeding of your fish will require you to enjoy the outdoors even more.


The world is a stressful place that makes everyone deserve a quick escape. No need to travel far to be relaxed, but all it takes is to rejuvenate your energy in your tranquility garden. Through transforming your outdoor space into a tranquillity garden, you can allot time for yourself to heal, reflect and breathe in the relaxing aroma of nature. To achieve a serenity garden, all you need is an area in your outdoors and some critical pieces of designing. Once you organised that all in its perfect places, you are set to have a stressless day in your own quiet sanctuary.

At NS Landscapes, your dream tranquillity space will come true. No matter how big or small your outdoor space, our team has unique ways of transforming your empty space into a magical garden where you can unwind and be relaxed for a moment. 

With three decades in the service of giving satisfactory smiles to our loyal customers by rendering high-quality service, rest assured that your gardens will come out just how you want it to be. For more information about garden services, call us at 0412 614 133 or send us your enquiries here.

How Hiring Professional Garden Maintenance Experts Makes a Difference

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Gardening activities and lawn mowing needs become a burden when you don’t have the time to do so. Taking care of your lawn and gardens require more than just your green thumb, or getting kids on streets to do the grass cutting and weeding every weekend. Instead, hiring garden maintenance services can make all the difference in taming and maintaining your lawn.

Professional garden services come in different homeowner’s assistance to their gardens. From lawn care to garden clearing and garden cleaning, as well as general garden maintenance, you can leave it all to your garden specialist.

Moreover, with a skilled garden maintenance service, you can have an ever-changing and relaxing garden experience that you can appreciate every day. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a professional can make a difference in your garden.

Saving Your Time and Effort 

When you have a tight schedule because of work and family responsibilities, finding time to care for your garden is very challenging. In gardening, you’ll have to devote time to the different activities throughout the year such as mowing the lawn, planting and pruning or weeding. However, if you hire a professional gardener, you can feel relief from the worries and burden on how to maintain and find time for your garden. 

With professional garden services working out your garden’s maintenance with the utmost care, you can expect a good result. Since they love challenges, find immediate garden solutions and can work under pressure, your garden will be finished on-time with a quality service. You can assure that the health of your garden is in good hands and you will no longer worry of replacing plants annually because they didn’t survive. 

Garden Elements Mastery 

Professional gardeners hold in-depth expertise and experience on almost all gardening aspects. They are experts in finding the right plants perfect for your garden, while also taking into account the landscaping and natural elements that will affect the plant’s growth. 

Not just that, they are also experts with the kind of soil to use, how much sunlight the plants need and where to place specific plants in your garden. Garden tasks are very crucial and sophisticated but by having garden professionals as your assistant in gardening, maintaining the health of your plants is achievable.

Long-lasting Rendered Service and Advance Planning

You need to have a long-term vision when doing any work in the yard. Plants in the garden mature and grow, so it’s necessary to plan ahead of time how your garden would look over the coming years. 

Given that there are so many different elements to consider, careful planning is necessary. Every phase needs to be carefully planned in detail. That is why garden services are essential to manage expertly and supervise every single aspect of your garden. 

Adding the Right Aesthetic Elements in Your Garden

A smart-looking garden with healthy plants, pruned trees, mowed lawns and neatly trimmed shrubs improves your home’s beauty and conveys the right mood. With a skilled gardener sharing their expertise and ideas, they can make the best adjustment and enhancement in your outdoor space. Your landscapes will also make your home appear even more beautiful and appealing with the right maintenance of existing plants and the layout of your garden.

Keeping Up with the Season

Only in summer months, the weather commonly encourages the whole family to stay outside and enjoy the outdoor activities. Most of the time, your family dedicate their time staying in the garden relaxing, enjoying the view of different plants, socialising with your loved ones, savouring the fresh ventilation from nature, and most especially tracing the beautiful landscapes of your home. 

In every season, your plants’ form changes and the maintenance needed varies on the weather. Hence, professional gardeners taking care of your garden during each season is a must. Hiring them will keep up with the repairs, weeds, fallen leaves, and maintenance of your plants in the garden all year round.


Understandably, everyone is too busy working or catching up on all week-long job errands making you have a very little time to do the things you enjoy and mostly no time for gardening. But through entrusting your gardens in a professional garden service, not only you will no longer stress out yourself of the overgrown plants, but you will also be satisfied with the output of magical touch to your gardens.

At NS Landscapes, we’ve got just the right professional gardeners for your gardens and landscapes. With three decades in the service of giving satisfactory smiles to our loyal customers by rendering high-quality service, rest assured that they will make a difference to your unorganised and deserted gardens. For more information about garden services, call us at 0412 614 133 or send us your enquiries here

5 Excellent Ideas for Hedge Trimming

Close up of gargener trimming bushes

A lovely picturesque view of the yard with well-trimmed hedges produce an ambience of calm and solitude. With a high-hedge trim maintenance property, passersby won’t let their eyes off your yard for seconds. But, as your hedges start to grow and lose its form, the uplifting beauty of your area will be gone as well.

The plants surrounding your home adds an aesthetic effect. But with the overgrown hedges that give a shaggy look to your yard, it makes your property less appealing. To enhance the beauty and maintain the element of privacy in your area, you can at least trim and prune those thick hedges once or twice a year.

Also, hedge trimming isn’t always about appearance. Health and safety is also an essential aspect. For example, if the hedge is unmanageable, the surrounding area can become a bit of a hazard. If it’s not trimmed down, there’s a possibility that some parts could fall off, and could cause damage to whatever it falls on. 

To maintain the benefits that hedges are giving, you have to take time, effort and allot a budget for its maintenance. If you’re new or just want to reshape your hedges, here are the 5 excellent hedge trimming ideas that you may apply in your property.

  1. Trimming Divider Hedges for Privacy

One of the most widely used ways when hedges get incorporated to landscapes is natural boundaries or divider hedges. Sharp, clean trimmings with a uniform appearance are a classic style that emerged centuries ago in English estates that is still common to this day. 

If you are living in an urban setting or in the countryside, you can easily build natural, well-manicured boundaries around your property to promote privacy and prevent intruders, animals and other pests from coming in. Shrubs that fit well to this idea include boxwood, privet and juniper.

  1. Mysterious Arch Trim

Mysterious, private gardens are not only for English castles and fairy tales. You can create your own hidden garden with evergreens and shrubs to create eye-catching archways and towering walls to guide you through. Passing through a mysterious arch from one area to the next produces a feeling of suspense. 

You may also let your thoughts wander beyond the archway and green walls. You attach fast-growing plants to your metal arch in building your archways. After some time, you can trim it down to an arch entry point. For this purpose, good options for plants include cedar, privet, yew, and magnolia blue atlas.

  1. Small Hedges Trim

Small hedges are typically planted within the garden as decorative elements, rather than boundary hedges. They can be used to line up pathways, often with fragrant plants like Lavender or Sweet Box where the scent can be enjoyed when you walk by them. Many aromatic plants release their fragrance as your knees brush through them. 

Small hedges typically edge flower beds in gardens or to your landscapes. Its small size allows other plants to grow around them comfortably, not blocking the view. It also allows you to easily access your flower beds since it’s small enough to step over.

  1. Round-moulded Hedges

If the classical style of the cubed hedges is too stiff to your liking, round-moulded hedges can give you a neat and clean but softer aesthetic. You can combine these to other shrubs that grow in different heights. You can also arrange round hedges together with taller or shorter ground cover plants to create a dynamic look in the garden or yard.

  1. Whimsical Topiary Shapes

If you want to apply a creative touch to your hedges and shrubs, you can try trimming topiary forms. The art of hedge trimming can be practised. With hard work and determination, you can create beautiful, unique and intricate forms and designs. 

In addition, if you are aiming for a head-turner garden or yard, you can design almost anything with the right kind of shrub and tools to add some fun elements to your exterior. Although it’s pretty difficult to make, the output will pay off as long as you have patience.


Hedge trimming is one way of ensuring that your shrubs or hedges are kept at a healthy pace and in good shape. By providing hedge trimming maintenance, it will keep your area looking fresh and safe. It will also decrease the possibility of any long-term harm.

At NS Landscapes we offer garden maintenance services including hedge trimming for your landscapes and gardens, many clients hire us on a regular basis to take care of the routine garden maintenance. We’ve been around for more than three decades of giving satisfactory smiles to our loyal customers. For more information about our garden services, don’t hesitate to call us at 0412 614 133 or send us your enquiries here.

Why Gardening and Landscaping are Excellent Hobby Choices

garden gloves and a pruner

As someone living in an increasingly fast-paced society, you would often find yourself desiring for a break and seeking refuge in leisure activities. Most people turn to hobbies as their coping mechanism for stress and anxiety since hobbies bring back pleasure and relaxation to a busy life. Such recreational activities include escaping to nature, unleashing creativity, and doing something you’re passionate about. 

So what better way to relax than to combine these three all together? More than being professional activities, landscaping and gardening are also leisure activities that you can try. 

By engaging yourself with the plants and flowers conveniently found at your yard, not only can you spark the lost passion you have but also do something fruitful, figuratively and literally! Here are some of the reasons why gardening and landscaping are excellent hobby choices.

Relaxing and de-stressing activities

Gardening and landscaping are excellent ways to unwind and rest after a tiring and busy day. Basking yourself in green spaces is good for both your body and mind because you get to inhale fresh air and receive sunshine. These activities are also therapeutic because they can boost your mood and mental health. 

Getting yourself occupied with gardening and landscaping is also an excellent coping strategy to combat depression and relieve anxiety. Working on your landscape and getting in touch with nature can give you a sense of achievement as well as a break from all of your problems. 

Keeps body healthy

Developing and maintaining your garden and landscape are activities that require physical exertion and effort. When you water plants, lift and transfer containers, pull weeds, rake your yard, or manoeuvre your gardening tools, you are exercising your body and working out your muscles, making you fitter and healthier. 

Working on your garden early in the morning can also provide your body with the immune-boosting vitamin D it needs. There is also a kind of bacteria found in soil that releases the hormone serotonin which can improve your immune system. Additionally, gardening and landscaping are also excellent hobbies especially for old-aged people because these activities can reduce the risk of dementia and frail bones. 

Provides a Healthier Diet

A popular saying goes “You are what you eat.” If that’s the case, then when gardening and landscaping are your hobbies, “You are what you plant because what you plant is what you eat!”

When you cultivate a vegetable or fruit garden, you would be able to incorporate more nutritious and healthy foods into your diet because they are conveniently found in your yard. Moreover, you would also appreciate more what you eat because they are products of your hard work.

Sparks creativity

Gardening and landscaping can ignite the passion and creativity in you that you never knew you have. These leisure activities entail bringing a garden to life and continuously renovating and improving its layout and design. Thus, such activities can be considered as an art because you have to carefully plan and establish your garden aesthetics so that it showcases originality and beauty. 

Increases property value

Doing your own gardening and landscaping can save you a lot of money rather than having a professional landscaper do it. Moreover, if you’re really invested in gardening and landscaping during your leisure time and you’ve accomplished a more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing external atmosphere, your hard work will pay off. Beautifying your landscape can significantly increase your property value should you decide to sell your home or mortgage it. 

Functional outdoor spaces

Aside from crafting beautiful green spaces and landscapes, gardening and landscaping can make your garden layout functional and tailored fit to your needs. Gardening on your own lets you recognise the type of plants and landcapes that your garden needs.

You can incorporate dividers or fences to prevent pets or stray animals from destroying your plants. You can also have a broader lawn in case you often host activities and celebrations or add perennial plants and automatic water sprinklers in case you are often on vacation or out of your house.


You can enjoy these full benefits of gardening and landscaping leisurely if they are really your passion. Moreover, gardening and landscaping is only fun and relaxing if they are done in small scales such as in a small front yard or backyard. This is because your garden plants and hardscapes require regular maintenance and thorough care. 

Worry not if gardening and landscaping aren’t one of your hobby options or if your yard is too big to manage for fun. You could always go back to professional gardening and landscaping services to have that wonderful garden space of your dreams. 

NS Landscaping is your trusted and reliable company when it comes to expert local gardening and tree services in Sydney. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we guarantee you that you can enjoy more benefits when you entrust your garden with us. 

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What Are Foundation Plantings?


If you’re not new to the landscaping terms and phrases, you might know foundation plantings. Otherwise, foundation plantings are the plants found in the foundations of your home. Some of the areas that you can commonly find foundation plants in are beside the main entrance door, under windows and ledges. These types of plants surround the borders of your house. As such, when you go to some homes, they’re the first thing you notice.

It can be a bit tricky to choose the right kind of foundation plantings that will benefit your homes. Do you think a bush can outlast different kinds of seasons? Do you want more space in your front lawn but at the same time have some flower beds integrated into its space? Choosing the right kind of foundation plant can either make or break your home’s welcome. Make sure to choose the right one so that you have a good welcoming landscape.

There are plenty of types of foundation plantings to choose from. Pick the right ones that will suit your environment and taste. You also need to consider the maximum heights these plants will grow into. You don’t want your entrances and windows being covered by these plants at a fast rate. Here are some information to give you some ideas on your journey to building your very first foundation plantings:

Low Growing Shrubs

Low growing shrubs are the shrubs that don’t grow as tall as some hedges and trees around your homes. They typically look like shrubs or bushes that are just above the earth and provide good airflow when spaced properly from foundations. Some of these low growing shrubs can be perfect if you don’t want foundation plantings that may cause overcrowding fast. You can choose from yews to junipers and hollies.

Evergreen Shrubs

If you’re more concerned about shade and sunlight settings in your homes, evergreen shrubs are perfect for you. They are suitable for partial lighting and shade and still grow as beautiful as ever. You don’t always need to worry about your evergreen shrub dying out. These foundation plants can last all year long. 

Choose any from the following: Andromeda, Inkberry, Wax Myrtle and many more.

Ground Covers

If you’re looking up to mix up your foundations at home, ground covers are pretty good in being flexible. They can survive in darker areas and sunnier areas. They add a bit of spice if you already have an otherwise very green theme in your front lawn. They don’t grow very tall to the point where they’re difficult to maintain. As such, here are some ground overs that you can find will suit your style in landscaping: Ivy, Periwinkle and Creeping Juniper.


As simply put, perennials are plants that last more than 2 years. These are also plants that can last in all seasons depending on the maintenance and care. If you’re worried about keeping your house surroundings even more beautiful in the winter, invest in good perennials. These are some perennials that you can work within your front lawns and surrounding areas: Catmint, Cornflower and Ferns.

Ornamental Trees

If you’re more into trees, it might be a challenge to integrate it into your home’s foundation. As such, you can choose small ornamental trees to keep your look. These trees don’t grow as tall. You can have them planted in a corner to house-in the edges. Plant them a bit farther enough to make sure that roots don’t destroy the ground near your house. These are some ornamental trees for you: Dogwood, Star Magnolia and Serviceberry.


We are NS Landscapes and we are your local landscaping help around. We provide landscaping services and can give you the most beautifully arranged foundation plantings in your home. Do you want to spice up the surrounding spaces of your homes? Work with us in making your green thumb dreams come to life. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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