Rear view of arborist men with chainsaw cutting a tree

Trees are undeniably valuable not only to the people but as well as to our environment. They’re beneficial to us since it cleanses the air we breathe, provides shelter for wildlife animals, produces goods that are helpful to our everyday activities, etc. But what we often ignore is that the trees have special needs also that enable them to function well.

There are several ways or methods to maintain a tree such as pruning or tree lopping. Although these tree maintenance methods are associated with trimming, there’s a slight difference between them when it comes to its procedure and purpose. But, whatever type of method you choose, these techniques will ensure a long and healthy life to your tree.

Best Time for Tree Lopping in NSW?

There are differing opinions about the proper time for tree tipping because there are other factors that must be considered before tree lopping. First, you must consider the type, size, health of the tree and what works best for a successful tree lopping. Normally, tree lopping starts between fall when the leaves begin to change and spring once the flower blooms. 

Between fall and spring, trees are in the dormant stage which halts their growth. The inactivity stage, drop in temperature and hard ground during winter allows access to the tree. Also, the bare canopy makes it easier to handle the branches of the tree. To ensure a proper tree lopping and avoid compromising the tree, leave it to the expert tree lopper in NSW. Learn why do you need to get your trees properly maintained and the benefits of tree lopping.

What is Tree Lopping?

Tree lopping is also known as tipping, heading, rounding over and hat-racking. Tree lopping is a method used to reduce the size of the tree or modify its shape to train its growth in a certain direction. These modifications can be achieved by cutting off the lateral branches of the tree or removing the top of the tree’s foliage.

Commonly, the purpose of tree lopping is to encourage new growth and longevity by removing the damaged sections of the tree. Sometimes it involves total removal of the top leaving only a large stub or small branches. Some people avoid tree lopping concerning to the tree’s health which will result in its demise. But, tree lopping serves a better purpose other than enhancing the tree’s physical appearance and these include the following:


A tree that’s on the verge of dying will benefit from tree lopping experts in NSW. Once the tree is weak, it can break easily compromising the safety of your family or damages to your property. Tree lopping can prevent these unnecessary accidents from happening. This is also in preparation for the coming storms and windy season.

Improving the physical appearance of the tree

Tree lopping will enhance the overall appearance or the structure of the tree. This can be achieved only by an expert tree lopper in NSW. You can either reduce the size, remove the branches or stop it from crossing over to the other tree which will result in competing for space.

Save the tree

Unfortunately, there are certain cases that trees require tree lopping when it’s struck by a lightning. Tree lopping can salvage the tree from a serious situation and might even let it live longer.

Clearing run away branches off the street

Trees that are located along the streets can sometimes affect pedestrian or traffic flow. There are runaway branches that obstruct the walkway that can interfere with people from either walking or biking.

Beneficial to smaller trees

Tree lopping is beneficial to smaller and growing trees. Removing the branches from a mature tree allows light to go directly to the trees below them. It will also promote air circulation which is essential for growing trees to be resilient so they will be able to handle strong winds.

Keeping trees away from power lines

Trees that come in contact with power lines is a serious threat. Leave the risky job to a reliable tree lopper in NSW to secure the safety and proper removal of the branches obstructing the power lines. A skilled tree lopper knows the safety protocols and proper distance when it comes to clearing trees away from poles and power lines.

Trusted Local Tree Lopper in NSW

To ensure a desirable structure or modification of your tree, leave the tree maintenance to a trusted and expert tree lopper in NSW. Tree lopping must be carried carefully by a skilled and reliable arborist who understands the importance of this procedure. 

Don’t compromise the health of your trees and the safety of your family, entrust the tree lopping service to a trusted tree lopper in NSW. NS Landscaping has been in the tree lopping and landscaping service industry providing proper care for your trees, lawn care and garden maintenance.

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