Imagine waking up to a lush green grass with vibrant colours of flowers and the sweet fragrance of shrubs in the morning — it’s delightful! A well-manicured lawn will not only add value to your property’s curb appeal but it is also beneficial to the people and the environment. 

Whether you’re landscaping or gardening, the activity involved in it will help reduce the stress levels while improving the overall physical fitness of an individual. Additionally, a landscape’s contribution to our environment is immensely exceptional including:

  • Natural coolants
  • Environmental cleaners
  • Cleanse the air
  • Natural water filter
  • Reduces noise pollution

The benefits you will gain out of your simple landscaping project is a huge contribution to the entire community. Besides the lush and well-manicured lawn that elevates the entire appeal of your property, it will significantly improve your health while promoting a healthy living environment.

Best Season to Start Landscaping

As the dry and hot days of summer start to fade into pleasant and cooler days, that is the best time to establish your landscape. Most regions across Australia has a harsh summer season that tends to dry out the soil and eventually compromises your entire garden. Instead of keeping your hands full for the landscaping project, you will end up rehabilitating your garden. Consequently, reduces the window of opportunity for your landscape ornaments to establish.

So, if you’re planning on planting in your garden or want to get started with your landscaping project, it’s best to set them up during Sydney’s autumn season. Know when to plan your perfect landscape project and other indoor or outdoor activities with the following Sydney weather information.

  • Summer. December to February
  • Autumn. March to May
  • Winter. June to August
  • Spring. September to November

Why Autumn is the Best Time to Landscape?

There are several reasons and benefits as to why it’s best to establish your lawn for landscaping or gardening on the cooler months of the autumn season. Besides the cool weather which is conducive to outdoor activities, the moisture that autumn brings makes the soil easier to work with. The following is a list of additional benefits you will gain upon installing your coveted landscape during the autumn season.

  • Watering. One of the main reasons to start landscaping in the autumn is that it requires you less watering plants in your lawn. Sometimes, it will no longer necessitate you to follow up watering your landscape ornaments after the rain. 
  • Plants and Other Ornaments. Installing your desirable landscape during the autumn season will allow your plants to establish their roots. Eventually, this will help them withstand the upcoming cold season and endure the summer.
  • Weeds, hot and dry season. Now that your plants have settled, thrived and matured in size, they’re resilient in facing the hot and dry summer season. Also, they’re not easily intimidated by the abundance of weeds. Weeds thrive and grow faster during the warmer season.

Generally, installing your coveted landscape during the cool season makes the landscape makeover manageable rather than the summer months. During the cool season, the ground is moist which makes it easier to dig or manage. Also, it will be easier to move your plants from one place to where it’s desirable for you without damaging even them.

Trusted Local Landscaper in Sydney

The autumn’s cool and pleasant weather will allow time for the new life you have injected in your landscaping project to establish. Allowing the ornaments to establish will make the entire landscaping project successful. Also, once they have established their roots and grew maturely, they can endure the upcoming cold season and the summer’s heat later on.

If you’re planning to install a garden or do a landscape makeover; sprucing up your lawn is our passion. NS Landscaping has been in the landscaping services industry providing gardening maintenance, tree lopping, turf laying and other gardening services all across Sydney. We have a team of skilled landscapers that will give your heart’s most coveted landscape. Leave the garden makeover to the experts in Sydney. Call NS Landscaping today at 0412 614 133!