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New trends emerge every year. Whether it’s about the latest fashion, hairstyle, or home decor, everyone just wants to join in the bandwagon. If you’re one of these people who are obsessed with getting involved with the current trends, you surely don’t wanna miss out on the most popular landscaping staples of 2020, especially if every garden in your neighbourhood already have them.

Keeping your home’s landscape up to date gives your garden a more modern and trendy vibe. It also gives bypassers and visitors the idea that your house is well-maintained and always taken care of. Furthermore, these trendy landscaping ideas also allow your plants, hardscapes, and overall garden layout more adapted to the changing lifestyles and environmental conditions of the times. 

Here are the top backyard landscaping ideas this 2020 for you to follow.

Interior Composition

Backyard gardens nowadays are being taken over by furniture and fixtures that are normally found indoors. The patio becomes the place where family members gather most of the time so as part of the landscaping, it must be styled like the living room. Sofas, tale sets, and carpet rugs can be integrated into the landscape. Moreover, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, libraries, and dining areas are also mushrooming these days

Geometric design 

With gardening becoming like an extension of interior decorations, geometric patterns and designs are considered key elements of landscaping this 2020. Intricate shapes and styles such as waves, chevron, lattice, basketweave designs, and textured embellishments can be found in tiles and their arrangement. Such geometric designs provide your garden with a more stylish and contemporary look. 

Subtle lighting 

Adding lights into your landscape can highlight the beauty of your garden, especially at night when your landscape can be hardly seen. This year, soft and minimal lighting is the trend. So, fairy lights, string lights, and rope lights are the most popular lighting used in backyard landscaping. Additionally, rechargeable lights, solar-powered light fixtures and LEDs are growing in popularity nowadays.

Bluer Elements 

A landscape is often predominantly green because of plants and lawn. However, this year, more and more gardens are becoming bolder and bluer in colour which is the Pantone colour of the year 2020. 

Garden owners are adding blue hardscapes such as fences, sculptures, sheds and decks, arbours, and pergolas that are blue in colour or details. If finding such items are too hard for you, no one’s stopping you from painting them on your own. Flowers and plants with blue shades are also great additions to the cool colour of green gardens and backyards. 

Personalized Landscape Design

This 2020 is the year that your backyard landscape echoes your personality. Landscaping now is all about your own style and preference, no matter how out of the ordinary gardening they may be, your garden, your rules! 

If you want to build a treehouse with complementary swings on your backyard, go for it. If you want your yard to look more rustic, add more wooden and earth-toned hardscapes such as tree stump table sets or wooden benches. You may also go vertical by incorporating hanging plants, climbing vines, and vertical gardening. Go even wilder by adding bathtubs, ponds and artificial waterfalls into your garden if you feel like it. 


Your backyard landscape is a reflection of your style and just like any other stylish features, it must keep up with the trends. Such modernization can be accomplished by revamping and assimilating popular items such as blue hardscapes, minimalist lightings, and geometric patterns.

Personalising and customising your backyard landscape to fit your style and needs is also a popular phenomenon nowadays. NS Landscaping can help you achieve that trendy and personally-designed backyard this 2020. Our team of dedicated professionals in the field of landscaping, gardening and tree lopping always see to it that we provide premium quality service tailored to fit your needs and preference.

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