Landscaping is the best way of having a lovely retreat at home whether it is with friends or family. It is your way of showing how proud you are of your home. Imagine a beautiful piece of land around your home that just lays barren with maybe nicely trimmed grass but other than that nothing, wouldn’t it be an awful waste?

However, there are many misconceptions and myths in Sydney when it comes to landscaping. Landscaping is not just for the rich. It is for each one of us who believes in expressing themselves to the fullest and beautifying everything they see around them.

Here are 8 biggest myths and misconception about landscaping.

1. Water your Lawn at Night to Conserve Water

Sprinkler in action watering grass

No one really knows where this myth came from. However, many people do have a tendency to over water their lawns, but the time of day at which they do isn’t the problem. In fact, when you water your lawn after the sun has gone down, it simply means that water will sit on top of the lawn, allowing lawn fungus to develop.

2. If you Cut your Grass Shorter it Won’t Need Mowing as Often

Gardener Scissors on the Grass

Obviously dreamt up by a teenager sick of cutting the grass, this is another big landscaping myth. When you cut grass too short you are robbing it of all its nutrients and its ability to flourish via photosynthesis. The grass struggles to maintain itself and eventually goes brown and dies. Then it doesn’t need cutting at all.

3. Professional Landscapers are a Waste of Money

Gardener Planting New Trees

Many people do not attach the same technical merit to the work of landscapers as they do to a plumber or an electrician. Sure, anyone can mow a lawn, but do you know how to choose the right plants, flowers and shrubs for your garden? Do you know how to make sure they have the best chance of surviving the winter?

4. You are Supposed to Know More About it

front yard house

Image Credit: Pinterest/Nemet Joussef


Contrary to most of the homeowner’s perceptions, landscaping is one of the moderately-sized improvements you can do for your home because it can make a big difference to the high level of curb appeal your home has.

5. All Grass is the Same

Striped grass

There are several types of grasses, each with its own set of requirements when it comes to irrigation, mowing and maintenance. Taking into account these differences will help you take better care of your lawn and help you choose the appropriate equipment.

6. Bagging the Clippings

Workers in the park

Some property owners think that it is best to bag grass clippings after each mowing session. However, by doing this, you are missing a few of the benefits that leaving grass clippings on the lawn can provide. Leaving grass clippings helps return vital nutrients to the soil as they decompose. If you choose to bag grass clippings, set aside a portion of these for composting.

7. Focus your Attention on the Grass

Garden Building with Barrow

Another common myth about lawn care is that you should focus your time and effort on the grass. On the contrary, ample attention should also be given to the soil as it serves as the foundation for a healthy lawn. Make sure that it is tested regularly to allow you to choose the best fertiliser.

8. You Can Take it Easy During Winter

Grass Dew Drops

As your lawn becomes blanketed in the Winter precipitation, you can take a break from your usual lawn care tasks. However, you should take advantage of this time by maintaining your tools and equipment. For example, you can top up your lawn mower fluids and check whether it needs a new blade or any missing parts. When Spring comes, you’ll be ready to return to your regular lawn care tasks.

Garden care and maintenance is important to keeping your home look warm and welcoming all year round. If you are looking to remodel your garden or a landscaper assist you with your garden, NS Landscape has the solutions. We can provide you with everything you need to achieve a perfect front and backyard. Call us today on 0412 614 133 for a FREE quote and site inspection in Sydney.