In the 21st century, life doesn’t have to stop just because the sun has gone down. Especially in the spring, you may want to spend more time outside, to compensate for the long hours spent indoors during the winter.

With proper outdoor lighting, the fun can go on and on, think of it; kids playing outside, barbecuing at dusk, having an outdoor walk in your garden, the list is inexhaustible. Landscape lighting is like adding icing to your cake, and here are six reasons to illuminate your landscape.

garden lighting

1) Beauty comes alive at night

Accentuate landscape décor by having your focal points stand out.

During the day, it is easy to miss the various details and texture put in both your house and landscape. At night, however, you can play around with the lighting and accent various architectural features.

Take in this beauty; even your visitors will appreciate the effort you put in more at night than during the day.

2) Outdoor living

Lighting up your lawn helps optimise your outdoor living space for more comfort and enjoyment.

What a better way than entertaining your guests outside. You can have various DIY backyard games, enjoy some drinks, soft music while enjoying some fresh air in a safe environment. Besides, you can alter the illumination to set both the mood and ambience of your outdoor space.

3) Lighting drives out darkness

Dark corners and shadows help conceal movement around your property. Having proper lighting helps deters burglars from breaking into your home.

A prowler strolling through your neighbourhood will be less likely to move in a well-lit compound. It is written in ‘How to’ books 101. It is common sense; they are more likely to be caught sneaking in when you have lit up your landscape.

You’ll be more at peace when both you and your visitors feel safer.

4) Enhance the value of your property

Did you know that lighting of your landscape increases its kerb appeal, consequently the value of your property?

According to recent research, 49% of potential buyers rated outdoor lighting as a desirable quality they’d be looking for. The stunning impression created by landscape lighting provides an excellent return on your investment.

Through the proper placing of outdoor lighting, you can showcase great features, leaving your neighbours and passers-by gawking at your prized possession.

5) Safety

Although you may have crammed and memorised your pathways, you may miss thorny vegetation and get some scratches. Why grope around, missing some of the highlights in your garden?
Most of the injuries around your home are avoidable. With proper lighting, your guests don’t have to stumble upon steps or low hanging vegetation. They say prevention is better than cure, with good lighting, you won’t have to deal with regrets later.

Besides, lighting helps define your pathways, making a walk more enjoyable.

6) Increased functionality

Proper lighting makes other parts of your home accessible, helping you take advantage of your outdoor space. Life doesn’t have to stop after the sun goes down; unwind from the stress from work, enjoy a cool breeze, you deserve it.

Consider outdoor lighting with a dimming feature to increase functionality. For example, you can dim the lights for a romantic evening, and have them sufficiently bright when the kids are playing.

Fully utilise your patio or the deck if you have one at dusk.

A home’s beauty is only as good as its lighting. This is why it is pivotal for you to contact professionals to illuminate your home.

At NS Landscapes, we understand that your home is one of your most prized possessions. As seasoned players in the field, our experienced lighting professionals will help you see what landscape lighting can do for your outdoor space. We will customise your light to your specific landscape layout to create a stunningly glamorous look.

Contact us today on 0412 614 133, and we’ll make you the envy in your neighbourhood with our unique and exquisite designs for outdoor lighting.