If you love spending most of your summertime cooking delightful barbeque ribs or ‘throwing a shrimp on the barbie’, then an outdoor kitchen can be a major hallmark to you. An outdoor barbeque kitchen offers practicality and gives you the comfort and convenience that an indoor kitchen simply cannot. Apart from cooking, it can be an area to welcome guests and serve them food and drinks, share stories and so much more.

A BBQ kitchen can range from something simple and straightforward to a more elaborate one depending on your needs. Whether you want a modest outdoor kitchen with tables, chairs, and grills or a detailed one, it is vital to start with a good plan. There are several types of designs to choose, but why would you need a BBQ or outdoor kitchen?

Man cooking meat steaks on professional grill outdoors

1) To increase your home’s value

A kitchen is the heart of any home. It is more than just a place where you mingle, linger and gather for meals. An outdoor kitchen plays a significant role in enhancing the appeal and overall value of your home. Buyers are focused more on kitchens and having a more updated outdoor kitchen alongside the indoor one can elevate your property’s value. Most of them are equipped with appliances made of stainless steel to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. They make your kitchen functional and can last for years. An outdoor kitchen, therefore, is an investment of its kind that can boost your home’s value particularly if the kitchen itself is well designed and is of high quality.

2) Cuts down on utility bills

Australian summer temperatures can put a strain on your air conditioning system and take a toll on your wallet. During hot summer months, your air conditioner will have to function intensely to keep your indoor kitchen cool. However, with an outdoor BBQ kitchen, you can roast, bake, fry and boil all your food without the need for an air conditioner. This means you’ll save more on energy bills.

3) No more smell build-ups

If you’re cooking different types of food, then it means you’ll have to endure various types of smell ranging from nice to less desirable ones. If you’re frying food such as fish or other items that require deep frying, then it can stick onto your walls for an everlasting scent. Sometimes the smell can take longer to get out of your home. With an outdoor bbq kitchen, it means your home stays fresh. You also enjoy healthier and tastier food when you cook in a fresh and open space.

4) More living space

Bringing in appliances such as grills, kitchen chairs and tables can consume most of your living space. When you have an outdoor kitchen, you save on such spaces for other uses. Additionally, you can utilise the space in your outdoor kitchen to entertain guests, celebrate holidays, birthdays and even for outdoor relaxation. The outdoor space also provides the adults an opportunity to keep a close eye on the kids while they play on the lawn.

5) No more expensive restaurant meals

Instead of going to the restaurant to eat that dream grilled beef, how about having your own grill where you can cook nice food? With an outdoor kitchen, you can cook healthy meals for your family without breaking your bank account on restaurant meals and drinks.

An outdoor BBQ kitchen is more than just a space for grilling up food. It’s a central point for summer cocktail gatherings, an investment and a space to have backyard fun. It can enhance the value of your home, help you cut restaurant and energy bills and free up indoor living space. For a custom outdoor kitchen, contact NS Landscaping today on 0412 614 133. We’ll help you achieve that outdoor barbeque kitchen that you have always dreamt. After all, no Australian home is truly Australian without an outdoor barbie.