A blossoming backyard is the delight of any homeowner. One way of creating a gorgeous and sustainable garden is by including perennial plants. Whether you are a beginner or experienced gardener, perennials come with several benefits beyond the normal eye aesthetics. Spring is the right time to think about planting these native herbs. Regardless of where you live, perennials grow well in different climates and soil types. These beautiful plants are rich in colour and once you plant them, you just forget about seasonal planting as they grow every year.

Here are some reasons why you should include perennial plants in your garden:

1) Drought Resistant

The root systems of perennials dig deep down into the soil profile to draw moisture up. They bring water from down the soil to upper soil levels for other shallow-rooted plants to benefit.

Perennials also prevent soil from drying and being susceptible to wind erosion. They are a perfect choice if you live in a hot and dry area. Their natural defence coupled with extreme survival tactics enable them to survive severe drought conditions without necessarily demanding for irrigation.

Therefore, choosing these plants reduces the need for water to irrigate your garden every dry season. If you’re planning to grow grasses or other plants that aren’t so immune to drought, then native perennials is a nice alternative to consider for your lawn.

Ornamental allium flower

2) Low maintenance

Low maintenance is the most desirable benefit of perennials. These plants can thrive through the entire growing season without pesticides, fertilisers or other special growing conditions. Unlike other garden plants, they are more retardant to pests.

The low maintenance also means you save time, money and energy needed to manicure your garden. Additionally, since these plants grow from the same rootstock, as a permaculture gardener you don’t have to spend more time and energy clearing your garden, sowing new seeds, decomposing and doing soil mulching. With these plants, you can be sure of the crop quality to expect in your next growing season.

Maintenance isn’t much of a problem as it was before. You can now hire a gardener to fully maintain your lovely yard to keep it lively all year long.

Red flowers against the background of grass

3) They form a cohesive cover

Perennials not only access water lodged deep in the soil but also preserve soil moisture by forming a cohesive cover. They ensure that no space is left and exposed to direct heat from the sun. Besides, they don’t lose their foliage in winter but retain their cover. They also preserve soil structure by cushioning against rain and wind erosion.

Green fern leaves background, top view

4) They attract pollinators

Pollinators rely on native plants for habitat, food and reproduction. The introduction of non-native annuals has threatened pollinator populations. However, by growing perennials, you not only improve the curb appeal of your garden but also offer sustenance to natural pollinators. This is what they need to survive.

bouquet of chrysanthemum flowers

5) You enjoy a variety

Unlike annual plants that grow and bloom during the same growing period, perennials have different blooming times. You can plan your perennial planting method and know the type of plants that will be available in various seasons. It means you can extend the productive season of your plants and get access to a variety of produce. Moreover, these plants have varying shades, colours, textures and sizes giving you plenty of options.

Blooming tulips flowerbed in flower garden

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