Oct 18, 2020

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Top 5 Natural Fertilisers for Your Lawn and Garden

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Organic or natural fertilisers are generally made from plant, animal-manure and minerals (powdered) by-product. As your plants, flowers, vegetables and trees grow, they go through a process which depletes the soil’s nutrients over time. By giving a rich-nutrient fertiliser, it will replenish the soil’s fertility and help your garden to thrive, grow and flourish.

There are plenty of choices or a variety of organic fertilisers you can find in your lawn and even the kitchen. Moreover, we will give you 5 of the best natural fertilisers that are equally rich as their synthetic counterpart. All you need to do is to learn how you can make out of these rich-nutrient natural fertilisers. 

5 Organic Fertilisers for your Lawn and Garden

Organic or natural fertilisers will help improve the structure and promote the fertility of your garden soil naturally. Also, it provides macronutrients that help fight fungal and bacterial diseases. Although natural fertilisers lack the necessary nutrients that plants don’t get from mineral fertilisers–organic fertilisers are environmentally friendly.

Fertilisers are like conditioners to the soil. They are essential for your plants to promote growth and prosper. If you want to start on your organic fertiliser journey, check out the following list of 5 natural fertilisers for your lawn and garden.

1. Compost

The most common type of organic fertiliser and you can even make it yourself–for free. Compost is made from a decomposed organic waste product which can be found in your kitchen and even your lawn. These organic wastes are grass cuttings, vegetable scraps, eggshells, leaves and twigs. 

Compost is a mix of rich nutrients that are considered as a gold mine for plants as it provides a well-balanced blend of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus to your garden.

2. Animal Manure

Animal manure provides short and long term benefits to a range of garden elements including plants, lawn, flowers and vegetables. However, not all types of animal manure especially domestic animals are suitable for use as fertilisers.

The most popular type of animal manure used as organic fertilisers derived from livestock including horses, cattle, chickens, sheep and worms.

3. Mulch

Mulching your lawn will put the nutrients back into the soil naturally. Mulch is also one of the most common and easiest natural fertiliser to produce since you can procure them easily. Shredded leaves, grass clippings, wood chips or straw–these are garden by-products you can place over your garden soil.

4. Fish

Fish as fertiliser will help improve the soil by increasing its fertility. Fertile soil is an integral component for plants to thrive. Fish fertilisers provide a high level of nitrogen (burn-free) along with other primary sources of nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus. 

5. Minerals

Minerals don’t come from living organisms but it is considered natural fertilisers since they are mined rocks composed of organic materials. Minerals contain nitrogen, phosphate and potassium which are essential nutrients for a range of garden plants, flowers and vegetables to thrive.


Although natural fertilisers don’t provide enough nutrients for your garden compared to their chemical counterparts, they can still provide an array of advantages. Organic or natural fertilisers proved to be sustainable and cost-effective especially for homeowners with a big garden or lawn. They are eco-friendly and easy to produce as most of them can be found in your lawn and kitchen.

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