Oct 12, 2020

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Essential Things You Must Do to Keep Your Flowers from Dying

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Flowers are a fascinating sight that can capture anyone’s attention – that’s a plus factor for your home’s curb appeal and value. Flowers come in different colours, so they can add life and variety to your dull and monochromatic green garden. Moreover, flowers also have the power to elicit different moods and feelings depending on their colour. Not to mention that some blooms are even edible. Because of the myriad benefits that flowering plants offer, it is ideal that you incorporate them to your garden landscape

How to Keep Your Garden Flowers Healthy and Alive

Taking care of flowers is much like taking care of a plant. However, flowers are more sensitive to weather condition, so they require extra care. If you’re planning to add flowers to your garden, here are some things you need to know and do so that your blooms grow healthy and beautiful.

Keep your flowers hydrated

Water is one of the most fundamental requirements for plant survival. Water your flower plants at least once a day in the summer and warm seasons or else, they will wither and die. Watering your plants in the colder months doesn’t have to be as often. You can do so twice every seven days. 

Mulch and apply fertilizers

Keep your garden soil healthy and fertile by mulching and applying fertilisers. Applying fertiliser provides nutrients for your garden soil so that your flowers bloom as healthy and hardy as possible. Water-soluble or liquid fertilisers are ideal since the flowers can readily absorb them. Mulching, on the other hand, has numerous benefits for your flower plants such as water retention, soil temperature regulation, and weed control. 

Provide your flowers with ample sunlight

Your plants need light energy that comes from the sun. Thus, you shouldn’t keep them under the shade of your house or tall trees. Give them an ample amount of sunlight depending on their requirement to keep them healthy and alive.

Remove weeds from your flower garden

If you want to keep your flowers alive, you need to stir clear of weeds around the area of your plants. Weeds compete with your flower for resources. You can simply pull them up to uproot them or use tools like a hoe to remove them.

Protect them from pests and diseases

Pest and disease infestation can easily put an end to the life of your flowering plants. That’s why it’s important to always keep their health in check by preventing and managing pests and diseases. You can install barriers against unwanted pest attacks and apply target-specific pesticides to eradicate pesky insects and pests. To prevent fungal diseases, water your plants with just the right amount and always use clean tools when dealing with them.

Guard your flowers against animals

You need to protect your flowers from grazing animals as well. The colour and scent of your flowers will easily attract animals, so you better put a fence or barrier around your plants to keep them safe. Some animals may not eat your blooms, but they can step on them and destroy your garden. 

Prune and pinch your flowering plants

Flower plants need pruning as well. This will control the growth of your plants so that you achieve your desired shape and height. Pinching brings about the same results with additional effects of branching and flower production. 

Deadhead your flowers

Deadheading is the method of cutting the old and withered flowers from the plant. As a result, your plants will have more flowers and a healthier appearance. This process is as easy as picking the dead flowers or using pruning shears to get rid of them. 


If you’re a homeowner who does the gardening yourself, seeing a withered flower in your garden can be heartbreaking. However, it’s really not inevitable for your plants and flowers to wilt and die, especially under extreme weather conditions. Flowering plants, in particular, are delicate and require exceptional care and attention. It will take a lot of time and energy to keep your garden flowers from dying.

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