Oct 5, 2020

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Landscaping Mistakes that You Should Know and Avoid

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Landscaping is one way to boost your home’s curb appeal and value. A well-designed landscape is immediately noticeable and can instantly catch people’s attention. Thus, it plays a crucial role in first impressions. However, as much as there are many ways to improve your home’s appearance through landscaping, there’s also a myriad of different ways to turn landscaping into a disaster. We’ve listed some landscaping mistakes you need to know and beware of.

Starting without a concrete plan in mind

Landscaping is a fun and exciting thing to do. However, that excitement shouldn’t get in your way of doing the first and most important step in landscaping – planning. Preparing the layout, arrangement, colours, spacing, and overall design of your landscape allows you to visualise the result in mind. This means that you’ll have an idea of the types of plants, trees, hardscapes, and landscaping elements to get. 

Mismatched garden design with house architecture

A good landscape that fails to match your overall house architecture does not enhance your home’s curb appeal at all. It looks unplanned and incoherent. Thus, you should choose your plants carefully so that they complement your house theme and design.

Planting trees, shrubs, and plants close to your house and other structures

Placing trees and plants adjacent to your house, fence, or other structure is not a good idea. These things grow, so they might damage your home in the process. Trees, in particular, make the most damage. Overgrowing limbs can destroy walls and roofs while their roots can damage the foundation of your house.

Cutting your lawn too short

Mowing your lawn too short is harmful to your grass’ health and appearance. Scalping your lawn may lead to bald spots which are susceptible to pests and diseases. Instead, you should cut them to at least a height of 2 ½ inches or longer in the warm months and shorter in the colder months.

Using the wrong size of planters

A plant placed in a wrong-sized pot is like wearing an oversized shirt or a tight-fitting one. It doesn’t look appealing and may even affect your pant’s growth of the plant. It’s better to choose the right size of planters for your plants to have plenty of space to grow, but not too much that your plant wouldn’t sink or shift. 

Forgetting to fertilise your lawn and plants

Landscape aftercare is an essential component in achieving the landscape of your dreams. If you neglect to maintain and keep your grass and plants healthy, your beautiful garden layout will go to waste. Never forget to fertilise your lawn and plants regularly so that they remain green and lush all year round. 

Incorrect pruning

Pruning is another maintenance technique that is often done incorrectly. Improper pruning of trees and shrubs can impair them and do more harm than good. Make sure that you’re lopping your trees properly or hire a qualified arborist instead.

Failing to add colour

Green is a beautiful colour but a wholly monochrome landscape is just dull and boring to look at. Try adding colours to your landscape by including flowering plants, perennials, and painted hardscapes to give your garden more texture and variety. Choose a colour scheme that works well with your house motif.

Excessive ornamentation and overcrowding

Another mistake you should avoid when landscaping is adding too much element into your yard space. Putting a lot of ornamentation may appear disorganised and overwhelming, thereby spoiling the appearance of your landscape. It’s better to go for a minimalist and spacious garden with only your carefully picked out plants and hardscapes in the area.

Forgetting to add landscape lighting

Neglecting your landscape’s view at night is another error you should avoid. Take into consideration as well how people will see your garden in the dark. Add some exterior lighting for your landscape. It can be as simple as fairy lights hanging across your garden or a few light fixtures which can emphasise the curves and edges of your house and your landscape features.


It’s easy to make mistakes in landscaping because it’s not easy to achieve your dream landscape. That’s why it’s important to have some basic knowledge and understanding of how it works. Bear in mind these common landscaping mistakes you should know and avoid to prevent turning your garden into a disaster. 

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