Sep 28, 2020

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7 Ways Landscaping Can Improve The Value Of Your Home


Every homeowner dreams of a beautifully designed landscape for their homes. Although this may take a lot of time, energy, and dedication, a great landscape can significantly improve your home’s value and appearance. The value of your property may even go higher over the years if you’ve maintained your garden landscape. From trees and plant choice to garden design and hardscapes, there are a thousand ways you can enhance your home’s exterior and consequently improve the value of your home. Here, we have narrowed the list down to seven.

  1. Coherent Landscape Design

Nothing beats the value of a perfectly matched landscape and house architecture. If you want to enhance your home’s value, better plan a garden landscape that’s consistent with your home’s motif and style. For example, if you have a contemporary house, incorporate garden edging, concrete pathways, and modern planters to complement the sleek and modern architecture of your house. Additionally, make sure that your landscape pieces go together. Don’t just add random plants, planters, and hardscapes to your garden for the sake of filling your yard.

  1. Add Garden Edging.

Edging your lawn gives the impression of an uncluttered and well-maintained yard. It adds definition to your garden and highlights areas such as your driveway, pathway, or flower beds. Adding physical barriers like stones, bricks, seashells, and terracotta pipes can further boost your landscape’s aesthetics. Moreover, garden edging also gives the idea that your landscape is easy to care for, thereby appealing to buyers who are not fond of regular landscape maintenance.

  1. Incorporate flowering and coloured plants to your landscape.

Adding vibrant colours to your verdant garden can be a high selling point for your property. Flowers, coloured leaves, and blooming plants make for natural eye-catchers which can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal. These plants can also give your landscape more life and texture which can attract potential buyers and developers. 

  1. Keep your greenery green.

The greenness and lushness of the plants, trees, and grass in your yard can also be an attractive feature of your landscape. Prospective buyers usually keep their eyes on the health and condition of your lawn. Regular mowing, trimming, pruning, mulching and fertilising can help bring life and spirit to your yard.

  1. Pay attention to trees.

Adding a few trees to your landscape can also be advantageous for your property’s value. Trees offer cosmetic benefits since they are a pleasant and relaxing sight. They also offer shade and help filter the air to provide you with cool temperatures and fresh air. Aside from that, trees can also lower your anxiety and boost your mood. After an exhausting day at work, it’s nice to be with nature and around trees to relax and unwind.

  1. Landscape Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting is easy and beneficial in many ways, especially in improving your home’s marketability. Not only can landscape lights provide safety and vision at night, but they also allow you to save energy since many modern outdoor lighting is LED and solar-powered. You can add lighting to your landscape to allow your beautiful landscape to be seen at night. You can also use it to highlight your home’s architecture and design.

  1. Add Potted Plants

Make the most out of your garden space by adding gorgeous planters and potted plants. That way, you can add some colour and diversity to your landscape. Planters and pots are versatile; you can reposition, repaint, and modify them when you want to renovate your garden. 


Landscaping is a great investment that has numerous ROIs. Aside from enhancing the curb appeal of your home, it can also further the marketability of your property. However, beautifying your yard can be exhausting and time-consuming. You have to carefully plan everything and then regularly maintain the good condition of your plants, trees, and hardscapes.

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