Sep 20, 2020

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How Often Should I Mow My Sydney Lawn?


Mowing is a basic lawn aftercare procedure that entails cutting your grass using either a hand tool or a mower. A regularly mowed lawn indicates that you always keep your garden and lawn in check. As a consequence, the short and uniform grass in your yard can significantly increase your home’s value and curb appeal. Won’t that make your home the envy in your neighbourhood? Aside from the immediate cosmetic benefits of a neatly trimmed lawn,  regularly mowing your lawn also elicits numerous health benefits, such as:

  • Elimination of pests like chinch bugs and grubs from the grass.
  • Detection of brown patches and fungal diseases so you can immediately prevent them from spreading.
  • Equal and healthy distribution of resources such as water and sunlight for grass growth.
  • Keeping grass height optimal and consistent throughout your yard.
  • Retention and proliferation of the hardiest and healthiest shoots over time. 
  • Self-nourishment using the fallen grass. 

What are the common varieties of lawn in Sydney and how often should I mow them?

Different grass varieties require different mowing frequencies. Some types of grass grow fast, others slow, while some don’t grow at all (see artificial turf). If you’re interested in knowing how often you should mow your lawn, we’ve enumerated below the common lawn varieties of Australia with details on how often you should mow them. 

Kikuyu Grass

The Kikuyu Grass is regarded as the most economical lawn in Australia since it grows well in warm climates and full sun. On the minus side, this means that it grows poorly in shady areas. Kikuyu is robust and can regenerate quickly, that’s why it’s perfect for schools and sports fields. It grows incredibly fast so Kikuyu grass can be quite invasive. You have to mow your turf at least once a week, especially in the summer and other warmer times. 

Buffalo Grass

The Buffalo grass is durable and easy to grow. It grows well in the summer and winter and can even withstand the extreme temperatures of the seasons. A healthy Buffalo lawn can grow at a fast rate. After installation, you can mow it after 10-14 days. In the summer, you need to mow your lawn at least once a week if it’s healthy or every two weeks if it has average health. In the winter, however, mowing your Buffalo turf once a month should be enough. 

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass is another favourite of Sydney homeowners. It is a tough variety of grass that grows well in all seasons. It has soft leaf blades that are not painful and irritating to the skin. Zoysia grass grows slowly, so it’s not too demanding for frequent mowing. We recommend that you mow your Zoysia lawn once every 10-14 days. In the winter or cooler seasons, however, you can mow it once every 6 weeks. The downside to this slow growth is that it also takes longer to repair itself if it gets damaged.

Couch Grass

Couch grass is an easy- and fast-growing grass variety that is cheap, durable, and lush throughout the year. It has underground runners that allow it to be invasive to non-lawn areas. Couch grass is best mowed short, especially in the warmer seasons, wherein it requires mowing at least once weekly or fortnightly. 

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is a highly adaptable variety of grass which grows well in various light conditions, soil types, and climates. As a result, many homeowners in Sydney prefer installing pre-grown Tall Fescue grass. Unlike Couch grass, Tall Fescue has no runners so it won’t be invasive to adjacent areas. Mowing at least once a week is required to keep your lawn hardy and healthy. The ideal mowing height for Tall Fescue is 30-40 mm in winter and 40-50 mm in summer.

When is the best time to mow my lawn in Sydney?

The best time of the day to mow the lawn is late in the morning. This is when the dew has dried up and it’s not yet hot. Imagine doing this at least once a week can be draining and overwhelming. It can get tiring and boring. Not to mention that you have some other gardening chores to do. 

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