Jul 2, 2020

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Best Ways to Take Care of a Low Maintenance Front Garden

Nicely trimmed and manicured garden in front of a house on a sunny summer day

Maintaining a lush and healthy garden is tedious. Cultivating an eye-catching landscape doesn’t have to be expensive that will take away every free moment you have at home. We all want a garden where it allows us to simply free our mind, relax and enjoy. 

When you own a lawn, you do understand that watering and mowing consumes most of your time taking care of your yard. In order to minimise the load of looking after your garden, take these low maintenance front garden tips by heart and you’re sure to reduce and cut back on your workload. 

Tips in Taking Care of a Low Maintenance Front Garden 

  • The right time to prune. The right time to prune your garden plants will definitely minimise costly maintenance. It also gives an impression of an efficient and proper way of taking care of your garden. Prune when your plant is in its dormant stage.
  • Weed out early. Don’t let your weeds establish their roots. Deal with them as soon as possible or early spring. There are aggressive weeds that worsen during summer.
  • Avoid fertilising early. Autumn is the best time to fertilise your garden. It allows your turf to establish and build up their roots. 
  • Loosen your soil. After the winter, the garden bed soil may be compacted. Loosen the soil by removing thick layers of leaves. Leave thin layers of leaves for mulching.
  • Proper grass mowing. When your grass reaches 2 to 3 inches tall, you can now mow your lawn. 
  • Edging. Even if you opt for a low maintenance front garden, you can still keep a lush green turf and flower beds with edging. Install some wooden or stone edging for a polish look to your landscape.
  • Automatic irrigation systems. With an automatic irrigation system, you’re sure to minimise manual watering. This type of watering is efficient especially if you’re always on the go.

Additional Low Maintenance Front Garden Tips

If you’re looking to revamp or restore your garden, check out these essential tips in creating a low maintenance front garden. 

  • Xeriscaping. Owning a lawn or a front garden had to deal with a great deal of watering and mowing. With xeriscaping, the landscape eliminates the need for watering or irrigation. 
  • Contemporary style. Clean and minimal. This will definitely lessen your time and cost in maintaining a front garden. With today’s advancements, there’s plenty of contemporary style and ideas available for your garden.
  • Pavement over a lawn. Decking or paving, this will definitely cut-down hours on raking and mowing. Even if you’ve replaced your lawn over decks or paving, it still requires maintenance.
  • Containers. When it comes to weeding, planting in containers saves you time in maintaining your garden. Just a reminder to not go overboard planting in containers.
  • Artificial grass. If you have kids or pets around your home and want to keep your front garden green and full of life, consider installing some artificial grass.

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