Jun 27, 2020

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Tips to Maximise Your Landscaping Budget

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When pedestrians or visitors see a beautifully landscaped front yard or backyard, they would probably think “the homeowner must be rich.” Indeed, landscaping and gardening services can come in pricey, not to mention the additional fees you have to pay like the costs of the plants, turf, and hardscapes that are added to your garden.

Because of this, those who are on a budget may find beautifying their yards and gardens uncompelling. Even so, money shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to achieve that aesthetically pleasing garden that you desire. As long as there are budget-friendly alternatives to landscaping items, there is hope. 

Below are some tips for you to maximise your landscaping budget without compromising the aesthetics and quality of your garden.

Up-cycle Old Items

The best way to cut down your landscaping budget is to avoid buying brand new hardscapes for your garden. You can do this by recycling junk and old materials and transforming them to become an eye-catching garden feature.

For example, you can turn old wooden furniture into outdoor table sets and benches.  A water feature can also be DIY-ed using worn-out clay jars and some stones. You can also create planters, plant boxes, or tree swings out of old tires. Similarly, you can further unleash your creativity by making plant containers made of a defective bicycle, wheelbarrow, or even bathtubs!

Creativity is indeed key to achieving a beautiful garden even if you’re on a tight budget. With it, you can transform just about anything to become a stunning addition to your landscape. 

Cheap plants and seeds

As plants are what occupies most space in a garden, opting for cheaper varieties of plants can help you maximise your budget for landscaping. To further cut back on expenditures, you may buy seeds instead and then grow the plant yourself which is a much cheaper option rather than purchasing full-grown plants to transplant. 

Fruits and vegetables are some of the affordable and practical types of plants you may consider incorporating in your backyard. Aside from being inexpensive, these plants are low-maintenance and can provide you with edible and nutritious food in just a short span of time, consequently minimising your grocery bills. 

Use Compost as Soil Conditioner

Mulch can help cut costs on water and weed killers but it can be quite expensive. Good thing there are cheaper mulch alternatives that you can obtain without having to spend anything. 

You can create your own compost by allowing your green and biodegradable wastes to decompose and become fertiliser. Grass clippings, fallen leaves, and pine needles may also perform the same function as mulch for your garden.

Energy-efficient Lighting

Light fixtures are incredible landscaping pieces that accentuate the beauty of your garden, especially at night. Others may even find such item a staple in landscaping. Thus, if you’re on a budget, you must choose lighting that is not only cheap but can also help you cut back on your electricity bill.

Solar-powered lighting and LEDs tick off both of these qualities. Moreover, string lights and fairy lights are also popular pieces that you can incorporate in your garden for a cheaper price. 

Automatic Water Irrigation

Having an automatic water sprinkler system can help you maximise your landscaping budget since this device can minimise water consumption, thereby lowering your water bill. Through smart irrigation systems, you can control the amount of water that your plants receive and particularly target those who need more moisture. Moreover, you can also set a schedule and timer so that your sprinkler system will only water your plants at specific times and duration. 

Reduce Turf Size

Turf can be quite expensive especially if you want to cover a larger field area. Thus, you may want to limit the size of your lawn to cut down on the cost of lawn installation. You may add stepping stones or bricks instead to fill up spaces in your yard and opt for cheaper alternatives such as pebbles, rocks, stones, or sand. By doing so, you are also reducing the costs of maintaining a lawn such as mowing and weed killing. 

For the limited field area that you want to cover with turf, it would be best for your wallet to choose a cheaper and low-maintenance variety of lawn so that you can cut costs in both the short term and long run. 


Even with limited landscaping budget, you can still achieve your goal landscape through the aforementioned tips. But if you really want to invest in your garden, you would know that hiring professional landscape services is the best option.

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