Jun 20, 2020

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The Art of Gardening: Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for your Home

house with a beautiful front yard garden

Landscaping is all about getting creative with the plants, light fixtures, and hardscapes you put into your yards together with their layout in order to add appeal and value to your home. Your front yard is a prominent view from the curbside and is the first thing that people notice before entering your home. Thus, it should be artistically developed and maintained so that it remains attractive and in mint condition all the time. 

As an art, the landscape of your front yard must complement and highlight your home’s architecture and theme. Keep this well in mind as you go through the following landscaping ideas for your front yard.


A fence can be as minimalist as a white picket fence or a wooden or steel fence with a linear design. Or it can also be as intricate as a structure with curves and spiral design. Whichever you choose, a fence is a great landscaping idea to improve your front yard aesthetics.

Arbour entrance

Adding arbours on your entryways can make your home more inviting and welcoming. You can also add vines and light fixtures on these arbours to give it a more elegant look.

Path walk

Path walks are a great way to keep feet off of your lawn, especially in heavy traffic areas. You can take advantage of either a solid walkway or a divided pavement such as stepping stones or bricks interspersed with lawn, pebbles, or sand. Enhance this feature by adding colourful plants and lighting on the sides.

Decorate your patio/porch

Make your patio more inviting by adding table and chair sets that complement your home’s design. You can also include plants and garlands to make your patio more stylish and verdant.

Creative Planters

Planters contain plants and make them easier to be transferred. More than that, they can also be used to beautify your front yard garden. Choose a colour, style, shape, and material that harmonises with your home and overall garden motif. 

Flower beds

Flowers are natural elements that make your garden colourful and eye-catching. Thus, it’s a great idea to incorporate flowers with bold and vibrant hues. It is also best to consider the blooming seasons of flowers. Mixing varieties of flowering plants that flourish in different seasons ensures that your garden will have a display of colours throughout the year.

Shaped hedges

Thick shrubs and bushes make a garden greener and fuller. Trimming them into various shapes and sizes further enhance their appeal and add details to your front yard.

Window boxes 

Window boxes filled with greens and flowering plants are eye-catching features of a garden. These planter boxes can accentuate your house’s interior design as can be seen from the window and entice neighbours as they pass by.

Terraced landscaping

Terraced gardening gives your garden layers and dimension. Moreover, it also provides more planting beds that are separated in levels for you to cultivate and arrange plant and flower varieties.

Water feature 

You may also want to add water features such as a small fountain, an artificial waterfall, or a mini pond to embellish your front yard with.

Vertical wall garden

Especially for front yards with limited space, vertical gardening is an excellent way to decorate your yard with. Such a plant wall can enhance a bare and plain-looking surface like a wall painted with a single bland colour. Vines, climbing plants, and vertical stalks like horsetail hedges and bamboos are also stunning extras to your vertical landscape.

Light fixtures

Providing your front yard with good lighting not only adds a safety feature for people to see at night but it also highlights and details your garden landscape. You can hang around string lights across your front yard or fairy lights by the foliage of trees. You may also wound up light ropes around tree trunks or illuminate path walks and driveways with LEDs.


Planning and designing your front yard is fun, especially to those who like to get creative and artistic. However, it can also be stressful and time-consuming given the various landscaping items you need to carry, transfer, build and set up. That’s why some people end up having their front yards shaped by professional landscapers. 

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