Retaining walls are beautiful and practical elements to add in an outdoor landscape. They do not only help to address a variety of issues, but also provide great planting opportunities. Also, it might be a fun DIY project to perform with your family on the weekend. Check out these 11 spectacular retaining wall ideas to add uniqueness to your garden.

1. Overlapping Stones

This is probably one of the most interesting brick-wall designs as it is complicated yet simple. Placing the stones in different sizes overlaying can show the shadows and add a new look to the old walls.

This idea could really make your home outstanding in any neighbourhood. To enhance the effect, consider applying it to large wall area as it would create more shadow pockets.

overlapping stone wall

Image: Pinterest/Kathy Bence

2. Concrete Planters

This is a unique concept in retaining wall design as it calls for standard garden planters. Just like overlapping stones, these items can create shadow effects that can make the entire walls look amazing.

Make sure to choose a shape, colour, and design that could suit your personal preferences and mat the existing décor in your garden.

concrete planters wall

Image: Pinterest/Chad Spain

3. Stone, Timber and Grass

This spectacular idea combines stone, timber and grass all in one to create a natural-looking wall. Generally, this wooden wall should be short with timbers separating the rocks and grasses. This is a great idea for a small backyard or garden where you can rest and enjoy the scene.

stone timber grass wall

Image: Rock Garden Beauty

4. Plywood Fence

Plywood is an affordable and easy-to-find material to build a retaining wall. There are many instructions available to install and plan plywood to create beautiful fences in your garden. You can even paint the fence to match your existing décor.

plywood wall

Image: Jose Lucas

5. Minimalist Concept

This is a perfect idea for a slope. It includes natural rocks which serve as a great wall. The combination of small and large rocks also create a natural and rugged scene. This minimalist concept is ideal for those who don’t like too many details outside.

minimalist wall

Image: Pinterest/Peter Rogers

6. Edgepath

This wall meanders alongside a walking trail in nature. The addition of pale stones highlights the trail at night, especially when moonlight reflects the stones and create a beautiful path for walkers. Edgepath is a great concept for any long outdoor areas.

edge wall

Image: Pinterest/Madisen Patten

7. Wire Mesh

This massive retaining wall comes with a wire mesh which holds together all the stones. It is simply customisable in colour, thickness, size and shape of both wire and stone. The options are endless to customise with stone patterns to make it more unique.

meshed wall

Image: Kirsten Bradley

8. Caged Rocks

Similar to garden planters, this concept is shorter and holds plants rather than just highlighting an outdoor space. The succulents and ferns add a unique design, while rocks create an artistic look to the whole landscape. The rocks can vary from small to large, and the variety of rock colours can attract your eyes.

caged rock wall

Image: Pam Pence

9. Multi-level Walls

These multi-level walls come with thick pillars which give the landscape a fenced-in look and create a unique design for your garden. The bottom part has light pillars, while its upper parts have brick-coloured pillars. It is ideal for an area which has a large wall or massive slope.

multilevel wall

Image: Pinterest/Leoni de Frey

10. Lit Walls

Make your backyard garden much more unique and elegant by using a lit retaining wall. It isn’t only gorgeous but it can also be a good way to add lighting to outdoor spaces without floor lamps or floodlights.

lighting retaining wall

Image: Pinterest/Vicky Borg

11. Garden Stairs

Think about adding a stairwell leading to your beautiful garden? That is exactly what this concept looks like. It might create an old feel, but cement and stones can last for decades.

garden staircase

Image: Garden Collection

Final thoughts

In overall, there are so many great ideas to build a retaining wall for your outdoor space or garden. Whether you are looking for something traditional, contemporary, futuristic, funky, or purely green we love to customise and build unique retaining walls. These retaining wall ideas are a great way to bring a new outlook to your house.

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