Not every home is lucky to have a backyard that is big enough for their comfort. Small backyards are mostly accompanied by lower mortgages or rent plans. However, you do not have to worry about your small backyard looking tiny and squished. With a few landscaping work, you can make your yard look bigger and spacious. Below are tips from professional landscapers that will help to make your small yard look big.

spacious backyard

1) Get plants with big leaves for the entrance

With your small space, plant texture is an important aspect during the planning. Get plants that have large leaves, mostly tropical plants and place them at the entrance or at an area of focus that you prefer. Big leafed plants create a bigger visual interest compared to small-leafed plants. In addition, big leaves have shadows that overlap creating an illusion of depth.

2) Get fine-textured plants

Plants with small leaves have a place in your small yard too. These plants should be placed near the edges of the yard because they are visually less demanding. They create an illusion of distance and blend into the background of the yard by reflecting a lot of light.

3) Create levels

Creating levels in your small yard will increase depth that will make the yard look bigger. Levels can be created by simply elevating or creating sunken areas in the yard. You can also use a container garden to make an illusion of levels in the yard.

4) Use bright colour in the entry

Bright colours such as orange, red and yellow create a warmth that calls for attention. Having these colours on your entrance will create a focal point on the entrance making the rest of the space to fall back. You can get these colours by planting flowers that produce such bright colours.

5) Divide the yard

Dividing a yard that is already small may sound out of mind. However, creating different spaces in the yard creates more rooms hence bring forth an element of surprise. Use fountains, small walls, plants or alternate surfaces to divide the yard.

6) Use garden containers

Since small yard does have enough space to plant all the flowers or plants you would want to see growing in your backyard, use garden containers. You can plant as many plants and flowers as you would want in the containers and place them strategically in the yard. This will create an illusion of a garden as the eye looks around to enjoy the aesthetic space.

7) Use mirrors

Mirrors, as we all know can magically make a small space appear bigger. This old trick can also be used in your small yard to visually increase its size. Place the mirrors strategically in the garden to make the eye and the mind feel like space is open than it actually is.

8) Use plants to make fences

Instead of using the traditional fences to mark a border and to create privacy, use plants that grow naturally to make the yard feel less boxed in. Plants will also create beautiful foliage when you look around the yard.

9) Blend in the house with the yard

You can plant shrubs and flowers near the house so that the yard looks like it starts at the back of the house rather than walking a few steps away into the yard. Blending the yard with the house will create an illusion of continuation making the yard feel bigger.

10)Use natural light

Natural light will help to make your yard look open and airy throughout the day. Ensure you do not crowd the areas where sunlight hits your yard to avoid making it look darker and smaller.

11) Create winding pathways

Winding pathways will keep the yard looking more interesting and give more space to showcase your beautiful yard. As you wind around in the yard, you will trick your mind into thinking there is more yard area than there actually is.

There are many professional landscape ideas to make the yard feel bigger and more beautiful. If you are wondering where to start with your small yard, contact us, NS Landscapes. We are the Sydney landscaper to go to with over 30 years of experience. We can help you transform your small yard into a spacious beautiful space. Our team specialises in all types of landscaping work such as turfing, tree lopping, gardening maintenance, landscape renovation and more.

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