The beauty and tranquility that a watergarden adds to a home is amazing. It is one of the most amazing landscaping feature to add in your backyard. However the benefits of a watergarden goes beyond its aesthetic features. As later discussed, a watergarden can provide a number of benefits to your home to create a natural and beautiful landscape. It provides considerable value for being relatively low in maintenance and is a lot easier to incorporate into your garden than you initially thought.

Here are our 11 benefits of having a watergarden for your home.

pond in garden

1) It improves curb appeal

Do you want to improve the overall look of your home? Adding a watergarden will give it a spectacular view that will impress anyone visiting your home. It will create a stunning landscape that will improve the overall appearance of your home and instantly make them feel calm and relaxed.

2) It helps to purify air

If you are keen then you must have noticed that air usually taste and smell fresher in areas closer to water body. This is because water usually releases negative ions into the atmosphere that helps to purify air. Therefore, if you have a watergarden in your home, it will produce negative ions continuously that will remove impurities and toxins from the atmosphere.

3) It creates a self-sustaining hydration cycle

Most plant-based landscaping such as flowers, lawns or shrubs require constant watering in order to thrive. If you are living in places where water is scarce, then your precious plants can easily die because of a lack of water. However, when you have a watergarden in your garden, then you will create a self-sustaining hydration cycle that will ensure that your plants receive enough water without having to water them.

4) It helps to create environmental awareness

If your children are involved in the design and maintenance of your watergarden, they will develop a genuine interest in environmental conservation. A watergarden can be used as a fishpond which is a very important ecosystem that supports plant, fish, insects and useful bacteria. It is therefore a great tool to use to educate the future generation on the importance of watergarden and the crucial role that they play in conserving the environment.

5) Creative way to fill up the empty space

If you have a large garden and have no idea what to do with it then a watergarden is a perfect idea. Not only will it fill up the space but also provide a unique garden feature that not many other homes can offer. 

6) Family focal point

Another beauty of having a watergarden is that it can help bring the family together. The water is a nature and soothing element that sustains life. Therefore, a watergarden serve as an excellent focal point where the family can gather and bond.

7) It can help you relax

After a long and tiresome day at work, you need a place where you can relax and unwind. A watergarden can serve as perfect place to relax. Perhaps you could spend your time there reading a book and enjoying the relaxing sound of water splashing around by the aquatic fauna.

8) It is entertaining

If you have a watergarden in your home, then your home will become an ideal destination for friends and relatives. This is because being around a watergarden gives the feeling of being on a vacation somewhere in a tropical area. Your home will become a popular destination thanks to the watergarden.

9) It helps to cut street noise

A watergarden can help mask street noise, allowing you, your family and friends to have a good time when relaxing outdoors. Although it is very minimal, it can provide a source obstruction to the streets.

10) It helps keep your home cool during summer months

A watergarden will bring a cool breeze of fresh air that will help keep your home cool during warm summer months. Especially during the blazing Australian heat. This means that you will spend less on air conditioning.

11) It adds humidity to your home during cold, dry winter

During colder months when humidity is low, a watergarden will add humidity, a factor that will enhance your comfort and wellbeing.

If you are planning to incorporate a watergarden to your home in Sydney, then you have found the right. We are experts when it comes to garden features and all things landscaping. NS Landscaping has been operating for just over 30 years to provide Sydney residents with remarkable and beautiful watergardens. Kindly contact us for more information and details on our watergardens by calling us on (02) 9415 3113 or 0412 614 133. A watergarden will be sure to ‘wow’ any guest or visitor and blow them out the water.